The son of the painter Xu Linlu owe 560000 disappeared in 12 years of interest rates also 1.1 million

the son of the late famous painter Xu Linlu xu, the default, 7 million yen, others by creditors to court. But because of xu unaccounted for going abroad, the money is outstanding for 18 years.

the reporter learns from chaoyang court yesterday, xu appearance in Beijing at the end of November last year. After this case execution judges coordination, xu has the pay. On January 7th, the plaintiff has to receive the corresponding case. But as a result of xu owe money too long time, he finally paid almost twice as often as the principal interest.

10 million yen loan

the chaoyang court, in December 1994, the plaintiff zhang lend the defendant xu 10 million yen used as investment, xu America with their own shares and is located in chaoyang district tuanjiehu thinks a set of housing as collateral. But after a few years, xu also money all the time, people also disappeared, Mrs. Zhang can only to the chaoyang court.

in October 1999, a court in xu called many times still don’t appear in court cases, ordered xu mortgaged property owned by ms zhang. Xu also decision within 15 days to more than 700 yen of ms zhang to repay the remaining debt, and payment between January 1995 and the date of payment of interest.

after the ruling, xu did not duly reimbursement, ms zhang about that later, xu has to go abroad. In March 2000, ms zhang chaoyang court for compulsory execution, but xu is always in a foreign country and unaccounted for, the court by the query is also not found xu property available for execution, the case in accordance with the law, put an end to the executable program.

compulsory seizure

time went quickly over the past 12 years, the evening of November 26 2012, the case execution judges do suddenly got a call from ms zhang said she found that 10 years gone by xu and name two limousine. Also provided the judge immediately led the judge assistant and the bailiff, to judgment.

after arrived at the scene, do justice to the first address lookup xu, knocking at the door many times but always no one answered her house. After verified, also provided the judge command trailer suspension towing hook, on xu’s audi, Benz cars in accordance with the mandatory seizure. Owners to see this situation immediately, after verification, the person is xu disappeared for more than ten years.

after the judge careful interpretation of understanding: xu voluntarily surrendered one car keys, and agreed to by the court to the vehicle held as collateral, commitment to the next morning will account in case of $1 million into the court appointed. 27 at 9 am, xu on schedule to be delivered to the court, 1 million yuan remittance voucher to make major progress was made in case of more than ten years finally.

18 years later recalled 1.65 million

although arrears has to hand in, but the plaintiff zhang, xu defaulted on the money has been 12 years, shall pay the delay interest. After careful calculation, owe the principal more than 700 yen in 2000 (560000 yuan) in accordance with the loan interest rates over the same double calculation, delay interest has been up to more than 1.1 million yuan. Combined with the principal 560000, xu shall pay ms zhang, a total of 1.66 million.

to effectively punish LaoLai, make up for the economic loss caused to the applicant, also provided the judge to continue to take strong enforcement measures of the case. Subsequently, xu offered to reconciliation. Also provided the judge with the communication and coordination, make both sides in the execution reconciliation has reached. Ms zhang agreed to by xu once again paid in RMB 650000 yuan, the total payment applicant all principal together with the delayed interest a total of 1.65 million yuan, this case is all finished.

the chaoyang court, said xu already keep all the case to the court. (reporter Zhang Jian)