The stars “before his death scream” irregular “the god five” listen to beat

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Yang liwei in & other; God five & throughout; Heard on & other; Mysterious tapping & throughout; . Recently, scientists at the university of Michigan and detect emitted by a star & other; Before his death scream & throughout; , calling it & other; A bit like a subwoofer in D & throughout; , and can be repeated on a particular frequency.

some addicted to receive signals from outer space astronomy fans, have been waiting for information from aliens. As early as 1974 years, mankind has been trying to fire signal into outer space, hoping to get response from aliens, but also no one can get the answer so far.

outer space would there & other; Sound & throughout; ? Sound signal in the universe is really about the transfer? Is the sound? The radio waves? Zeta ray? Or other? This is a problem worthy to be discussed.

& other; God five & throughout; Heard on & other; Mysterious tapping & throughout;

we all know that sound transmission medium can be any connected or continuous particle interactions. And we usually think that all regions outside of the earth’s atmosphere are & other; Vacuum & throughout; , sound waves can’t spread, so although there actually exist countless stars, planets, satellites, and comets and other substances, but humans in outer space is & other; Listen & throughout; No sound. If we can see a star & other; The explosion & throughout; , also seems to hear a sound.

but humans can’t hear, doesn’t mean there is no sound in the space.

one possibility is that the distance between stars, from see stars & other; The explosion & throughout; To sound travels to the earth, at least take millions of years, is likely to hear a person’s lifetime. Another possibility is in space & other; Sound & throughout; Communication forms are not as we imagine, but some form of electromagnetic wave, and our receiver is also not to match. Electromagnetic waves do not need to pass in the vacuum. Such as X-ray, Y rays, belong to the electromagnetic wave.

people have tried to listen to the voice of the from outer space.

on August 15, 1977 at Ohio state university & other; Big ears & throughout; Search system in the Milky Way, in the middle of the computer has suddenly received a message from the other side of the Sagittarius constellation, more than 200 light-years from earth. This knowledge of the nature of the information without any known explains. Message lasted for 72 seconds, then a silence. At that time, a planetary scientist Shi Pu think the green signal from aliens. He said: & other; The two spacecraft in the communication of voice, we just listening to. Throughout the &; But this story is no specific according to.

once someone thought the aurora borealis from sound is a signal from outer space. A lot of people heard the sound, someone describe it like a finely crackle, someone describe it & other; PI & throughout; Ring. But Finland aalto university scientists have finally found the source of the sound and think aurora interfere with the earth’s magnetic field is produced by the sun’s energy particles, with the voice of the aurora is also produced by similar reasons. Just produce this sound place closer to the ground, can be directly by human ears hear.

the astronaut Yang liwei, in his book nine heavy heaven and earth, also revealed an interesting phenomenon, that is in & other; Shenzhou 5 & throughout; He heard a & other; Mysterious tapping from space & throughout; . Yang liwei recalls, regardless of day or night, the sound, I don’t know what time will ring. & other; It is neither the sound coming from the outside, not inside the spaceship’s voice & throughout; , & other; Who is like knock on ship hull outside & throughout; , Yang said he couldn’t describe it accurately, & other; Not ding-ding, nor dangdang, it is more like a wooden hammer knock drum & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &; But at that time & other; God five & throughout; Not equipped with the tape storage devices, we finally can only be expressed regret.