“The steel workers find memory image”

Yu Dongxu calmly sitting in the master control room, staring at a computer screen, the click of a mouse from time to time.

& other; Get the shovel feeding? It was a long time ago thing. Throughout the &; He smiled and said to the Oriental outlook weekly, tone with some fun, & other; Now only cleaning may be with a spade. Throughout the &;

Yu Dongxu, hebei iron and steel group company handan western iron works no. 2 blast furnace of a feeding.

we two reporters, followed by 80, or during the second half, when they sought a hand drill steel loading workers in a film that heroic lens:

heat from steel furnace, furnace steel rolling, the steel workers, waving a spade with blast furnace in ore gradually melt ChengGangShui, constantly to the furnace feed.

at present, only to find that it doesn’t work that way!

& other; Try personally throughout the &; The difficulty of not courage, not strength, and in technology.

& other; Depend on the conveyor belt material now. Throughout the &; Yu Dongxu said, pointing to the computer, & other; Red ribbon & throughout; Represents the transmission belt, & other; Green column & throughout; Is bin, & other; Black is the moving of, is to simulate strip. So I can see is expected to go at any time, very intuitive. Throughout the &;

work time, steel mills in only few maintenance personnel, occasional Yu Dongxu and his colleagues to stay in air-conditioned cool in the master control room, easy to manage the large in no. 2 blast furnace.

into hangang, only from the factory at the center of the garden reserved industrial sites & ndash; & ndash; Hangang first 225 cubic meters of blast furnace base, finally a steam locomotive and 25 tons of steel-making converter, to find in living memory & other; The steel workers image & throughout; .

& other; Now you really can’t find such typical & throughout;

like Yu Dongxu comfortable and full of scientific and technological content to do workers, for the first generation of hangang people Ma Deshun, completely beyond imagination.

Ma Deshun in 1958 to participate in the work, where jobs are iron casting bed, & other; All day dealing with above 1500 ℃ of hot metal, artificial jilt iron & throughout; .

he beside the boiling of the iron can work every day, the molten iron is like a roll of the magma, iron openwork from time to time to splash around. Steelmaking, among all of the type of work is one of the most dangerous, a flash of god, sparks will hit out, & other; A piece of red iron collapse to the body, like bullets is the same, may be disabled, and even killed. Throughout the &;

1958 is & other; Large steel & throughout; A year. That year on June 5, hebei handan iron and steel holding officially changed its name to handan steel mill. The next day, the handan daily front-page report the hangang construction situation: & other; In the plant site, chimneys, has been standing in blast furnaces, hot air stoves, the workers in the furnace building and ancillary equipment installation work, the day is coming soon! Throughout the &;

in later in handan memorabilia such records: & other; Many cadres and workers in the wilderness, meal, sleep with furnace with furnace, worked hard work & throughout; .

the s, the steel workers are fighting in & other; The volcano & throughout; The edge of the hero, is & other; Our worker have the strength & throughout; One of the most classic. & other; With the bell sound, enormous bucket roared overhead rapid speed, 3 meters high furnace flame from add dart out of the mouth of the converter, which is heat. Throughout the &;

ostrovsky once said: & other; Steel is cast in fire and quenching. Only in this way can it be hard steel, what all not afraid, our generation is also in the struggle, in the forge of hard test, and learned in front of life not decadent. Throughout the &; Ma Deshun culture is not high, but for Paul ko ezer gold, he is especially familiar with.

& other; Now you really can’t find the typical, not to say that the workers don’t work hard, but as the technology innovation, the status of the steel workers, there is much difference with the imagination of ordinary people. Throughout the &; Deputy minister of propaganda department of hangang guang-ming xu told us, & other; To also like in the past, workers need to stand in two or three metres away from the hot work, that doesn’t mean our great, only shows that we are outdated technology. Throughout the &;

same passionate life

more than 11 o ‘clock in the morning, like Yu Dongxu, west iron works no. 2 blast furnace hot blast stove post workers GuJiZhe also deliberately operate on a mouse.

he is contracted to us describes the content of the work: & other; Send into the blast furnace hot blast & throughout; . Volume of 3200 cubic meters of no. 2 bf, & other; Throughout & supplying hot air; The only two people and responsible work, & other; Both of the two bench, three computers. Throughout the &; GuJiZhe said.

for now & other; Easy & throughout; GuJiZhe have extremely sharp feelings, because he is from the field manual & other; Throughout & supplying hot air; The era of approaching step by step.

& other; Have that kind of hoist, pulley, moved by people, the LiQiHuo, however, to a lot of energy, a woman can’t. Throughout the &; GuJiZhe said, it is full of computer automation program, point the mouse, master control room, & other; So long as the careful stare at & throughout; .

he wants to give dilettante we describe more vivid understand, & other; Automatic and manual are two different things, you should understand this truth. Throughout the &;

west iron works no. 2 blast furnace workshop party branch secretary door spring flood summary type to tell us, & other; The whole blast furnace workshop section only 17 people to work at the same time, the whole workshop as a organic whole completed in blast furnace operation. Throughout the &;

Dong Yanzhong, west iron mill, deputy director of the no. 2 blast furnace workshop to 11 years of hangang, feeling the blast furnace & other; Large-scale & throughout; , personnel & other; Cut & throughout; In the process. & other; I just when the stove is 1260 cubic meters, the workshop more than 160 people to shift to each other, now is 3200 cubic meters, people actually decreased, only more than 80 people work shift. Throughout the &;

Dong Yanzhong proudly describe it to us, at that time, a day to produce 2500 tons of iron, now nearly 8000 tons, & other; So some of us can produce so many. Throughout the &;

if, when the outstanding worker with a sense of tragic heroism and noble, Yu Dongxu, GuJiZhe, Dong Yanzhong hangang, today seem so content, plain and happiness. The professional work, stable income, they several already in handan city to buy a house and start a family. And several generations of the steel workers have the same respect for the work, have the same life.

& other; I finished my work I also pretty clean & throughout;

in the acid pickling line, galvanizing line and plating workshop abrasion warmwalzwerk in the workshop, we continue to feel the vibrations of various kinds of fresh.

giant machines with roar & other; Consciously & throughout; Running, & other; Throughout the heat &; Scenario perhaps only reflected in the computer control data.

steel workers liberation from the heavy manual work, they pay their intelligence and life no longer dirty and hard, but they still identify themselves as & other; The steel workers & throughout; That kind of special identity.

4 PM, the king arrived on time to the succession. Born in 1985, he is abrasion acid plating workshop galvanizing line workers, in 2009 after graduating from the northeast university in hangang.

& other; I major in chemical industry. Domestic has not been galvanized now this major, I learn is close to this. Zinc is a chemical element, match on a solution to the board, ensure it will not corrode. Throughout the &; The king single to us about his work, very proud, because of his production line is the first in the domestic hot-rolled pickling galvanization plate production line, this production line is mainly used hydrochloric acid remove iron oxide, and then in galvanized steel surface to prevent oxidation, & other; Such processes can save steel 20 years does not rust & throughout; .

& other; Ago, I didn’t think he will do a steel worker, I also think that the steel workers are dirty, dark hand, red face, very very hard & throughout; . Nathan said unto David, the king & other; Now you see me, and I finished one day also pretty clean. Throughout the &;

like king single, 90 after 80 highly educated technical workers, hangang and lots more. They usually dress fashion, and once changed into overalls and focus on work has not changed at all with respect.

strong indicators: energy saving, consumption reduction, environmental protection

change is not just a line of steel workers work norm, and environment of the steel mills.

Yang Guojing is also the first generation of hangang, was only 18 years old when he began to work, & other; At that time, don’t mention it, I open the locomotive in the department of transportation, ore, coke and other raw materials shipped along the railway line, after we delivery to the goods. The end of the day the whole body is full of dust, face the black family was beyond recognition. Throughout the &;

a bad environment lasted a long time. Dong Yanzhong also have a deep impression, & other; Former steel plant, the blast furnace outside air is full of black, can’t see. Throughout the &;

Dong Yanzhong when I first got to hangang, points to the master station, want to often to operating a line, & other; Dust is bad for the lungs, gone with the wind out of the ashes fell on his neck is a shiny, black shine. Throughout the &;

the background now have new replacement. The whole factory ground clean, bright and clean air.

& other; Countries now have strong indicators requirements, allow you to energy saving, let you and make you environmental protection. Throughout the &; West high iron works no. 2 blast furnace foreman always will say to us, like all of a sudden, everything had change, & other; Before the environment is bad, dust, nearby villagers report, old advice, now don’t have these contradictions. Throughout the &;

the trend of saving energy and reducing consumption demand is one of the reasons that this kind of change. & other; 11th five-year plan & throughout; Energy-saving totaled 526000 tce, hangang, the main pollutants chemical oxygen demand and sulfur dioxide emissions control for target within 1600 tons and 21445 tons of above cuts of 25.1% and 16.7% respectively than in 2005.

the blast furnace, track and other outside the empty land, tree-lined. As a deputy minister of propaganda department of hangang guang-ming xu is advised us to confidently, casual to hangang factory to have a look around, & other; I said grass yiyi, you see, is true & lsquo; Yiyi & rsquo; Or fake & lsquo; Yiyi & rsquo; . Throughout the &;