“The story” why to “red” for so long? Edit copy for many times Emphasis on human

Wu yue

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a short shaoxing road, can from beginning to end, seven or eight minutes to finish one time is the same as the short story, there is time in retrospect.

“story” magazine company is located in shaoxing road in a building in a small building. From 1963, published in the year to December 500, “the story” has been loved by many readers. 500 this obscure 32 open books, published a total of more than 30000 small story, every story takes a few minutes to read, but was a lot of people in a long time in the in the mind. Shanghai literature and art publishing group chief editor, “the story” President cheng-wei he regrets: & other; Story & throughout; Become a part of life.

this is bill, is not surprising: 37 years, “the story” total more than 1.4 billion copies; In history, it has set a single issue record of 7.6 million copies, now remains the circulation of 4 million copies per issue, is ahead in the same journal.

the story behind the story, very long as aggregates.

& other; Others do ten workers continue, we need to do throughout the tao &;

cheng-wei he doesn’t remember how many dial to received & other; Learn & throughout; Often invited to peers, he too & other; Preach treasure & throughout; , people most frequently asked question is: “the story” why can & other; Red & throughout; So long?

attend a newsroom in fact as long as the collective consideration will, the answer will emerge. Editors at the table and sit down, take a week in advance to get all the SanShen manuscript, take advice; Some characters, plot and other big on suspects, some caught a little detail warren & hellip; & hellip; After such & other; Severe torture & throughout; The manuscript was returned to processing, and then go to start from scratch again & other; A second trial & throughout; , & other SanShen & throughout; It, sometimes to accept & other; Club outside experts & throughout; The & other; Selective & throughout; , the green light, can be printed on paper. The editor of the journal story process, more than any other magazine for a whole & other; Loop & throughout; , which makes each issue more than the time it takes to abruptly half a month, also let a little editorial staff is full of busy and nervous.

why so serious? Cheng-wei he said, maintaining a culture brand, there is no shortcut, can only go all out to create the high-quality goods, & other; Others do ten workers continue, we need to do throughout the tao &; . All say details is & other; The devil & throughout; , but met with such a & other; The devil training camp & throughout; Type of editorial department, topic fine sieve filter, finely crafted text. This year the Shanghai news and publication quality spot check the city newspaper, 30000 words from the story is only found in the content of 1 misuse of punctuation. The idea of the story is: & other; Take each period as first. Throughout the &; Even to a humorous story insufficient hundred words to elaborate. “Story” vice President Xia Yiming smile to say, as far as he knew the domestic magazines devoted to home haven’t the second such & other; Collective edit copy & throughout; .

when readers to pay 3 dollars on the newsstand roll call to a “story”, probably won’t think of that & other; Plain old friend & throughout; Is already & other; International celebrity & throughout; Face, has become the world famous journals in the league, has also been some foreign Sinologist as & other; Throughout a key & read Chinese; .

& other; Brand & throughout; What is? Cheng-wei he says, is that when people want to read stories, read Chinese stories, immediately thought of the “story”.

story is a seed, hiding will in seed germination of root

cheng-wei he told a story: in 1978, the story will send him to Beijing normal university study folklore, he saw Mr Greats Zhong Jingwen folklore, hurriedly says his biggest concern: & other; Zhong Lao, you said & lsquo; Story & rsquo; There’s no tomorrow? Throughout the &; Zhong Lao a. & other; Stories and coexistence of human language. Throughout the &; This sentence makes cheng-wei he firmly, gradually topic came up with the story behind the regularity and theoretical interest.

later, shaoxing road of the building is no longer just a publication grants the newsroom, also became a story of cultural research institute, the national story theory researchers a communication platform. Each year than a firm’s two story the author class, known as domestic story creation & other Whampoa & throughout; And more irregular expert lectures, workshops, exploration & other; Stories and novels & throughout; , & other Story of aesthetics & throughout; , & other The story of the limitations of & throughout; Theory and so on. Cheng-wei he said, only on the theory of the commanding heights, to do well the pulps, in the tide of popular culture dropped to grade, sets up the pole.

in 1991, graduated from east China normal university Xia Yiming, just to “story” that moment, feel that each one small, & other; Soil & throughout; In dinner, people said to each other, and their aesthetic professional gap is too large; But settled down, he found that the knowledge is not simple, & other; Story to look at it & lsquo; Nuclear & rsquo; , and the plot is secondary. Throughout the &; Xia Yiming says, every story & other; Nuclear & throughout; Is unique, editor, wants to be able to see this & other; Nuclear & throughout; Isn’t new, strange enough, smart enough, it is best to have fun. Once found light & from other Nuclear & throughout; , the editor will take out their own solution, and the author put it carefully with grinding & other; Look into, remember, it is concluded that, the open & throughout; A good story.

& other; Our stories from the folk, to the folk. Throughout the &; Cheng-wei he said, for many years, many readers naturally put on the “story” read story as his own story, tell others. These stories spread around like a seed, blossom and bear fruit.

story is a seed, hiding will in seed germination. It has been said to “stories”, & other; Your story is good, but throughout the years theme seems to be no innovation &; . Cheng-wei he a clap a thigh: that’s right! & other; Founded for 37 years, more than 30000 story, but we speak basic theme is only one, is & lsquo; How a person & rsquo; . Throughout the &; And story, also known as the people & other; Advise people & throughout; , in cheng-wei he point of view, this is the story of & other; Enrage & throughout; . No matter what kind of between the thin sheet is the human story, are all common people side of the story, is also in the real world, most want to solve the people most concerned about the topic.

the issue of the journal story ShuiShuYong emblem is a han dynasty era, he left a tambourine under his arm and his right hand holding the drum stick forward, the left leg, lift the right leg, smile to sing, very happy, said a storyteller to the wonderful cannot endure. Every 2000 years ago back to look at the story of Chinese image, the editors of the journal story will always smile, thinking of his story can also so wonderful.