The study called “mermaid” physically or Marine apes (FIG.)

& other; The little mermaid & throughout; Might not be the mythical creatures (figure)

international online features: according to the British “daily mail” reported on May 23, the Animal Planet (Animal Planet) recently published study theory, in the sea may indeed exist similar & other; The little mermaid & throughout; To look for, they are apes in the evolved into a branch of the process of human & ndash; & ndash; & other; The apes & throughout; .

according to this theory, in the process of early apes evolved into humans, some apes into the water of life, become & other; The apes & throughout; , they may disappear in the process of evolution and forgotten by the human, but to & other; The little mermaid & throughout; The myth of the form in the human memory.

animal planet’s Charlie & middot; Welfare (Charlie Foley) said: & other; This is a very radical theory about human evolution, but we are close to the truth of ancient mystery. This prompted us to think, the little mermaid might not be the mythical creatures. Throughout the &;

& other; The little mermaid & throughout; Might not be the mythical creatures (figure)

although & other; The apes & throughout; Theory is often seen as a pseudoscience, but a lot of evidence that early humans do live near the sea, and they have amazing when I was in the very early navigation ability. In Greece the main land and near caveman discovered 100000 years ago the tools used, to prove that they have been able to take a boat trip at that time.

welfare said: & other; Humans and other primates have significant difference, but there are many similar features and Marine mammals, such as webbed fingers between structure and subcutaneous fat, etc. In addition, we also have a swimming, breath control instincts. The longest human can hold your breath for 20 minutes, far longer than other terrestrial. Throughout the &; IfengLogo (Shen Shuhua)