The study says the 72 – year – old man with eve gene into the ancestors of all British

English, please call him & other; ZuZuZu & hellip; & hellip; Grandfather & throughout;

a multinational team through the survey of the British DNA, found in Scotland, a 72 – year – old old man inherited the genes of the eve, he’s all British & other Grandfather & throughout;

ready to reverse the cognitive you? The following:

god created Adam and eve? Perhaps, but they are not white skin, but from Africa black;

one of Adam’s ribs is eve? No, because eve than Adam was out for the more than 100 million years old;

so, after the 190 million eve direct descendant gone? No, is that 72 – year – old old man.

want to overthrow more? Next time, digest the first & hellip; & hellip;