The study says the left ear like sweet words The right ear is more sincere advice

in the video, habit of rational thinking, good at using the left brain, would see the dancer turning anti-clockwise. Used to the perceptual thinking, good at use right brain, would see the dancer clockwise (video capture)

for the people of being in love, this is good news. Scientists have recently made experiment and found that the left ear is more like to hear sweet words, and on the right ear, the effect is not obvious. That is to say, for people in love, want to each other about their unswerving enthusiast, as long as in his/her left ear, said more sweet words, this will let feelings growing.

this is really the case? Why the left ear more like to hear sweet words?

ear not be persuaded, like sweet words

rational right ear, accept sincere advice

according to the report, Sam Houston state university did a study in the United States, invited 100 men and women being tested. Experiment, volunteers good wearing headphones as required. Through headphones, their ear and ear heard more groups of different words. Words in each group includes a emotional words and a neutral, two word syllable length is the same, are not to take any emotional color tone in the ear synchronous read from left to right, and which words appear in the left ear, which words appear in the right ear is random. After the words, they had been asked to write down the words he had heard. Test results show that the respondents from ear heard of emotional words, such as love, kissing, enthusiasm, etc., can identify and remember more than 70%. But when they are in the right ear to listen to the same words, but can only remember the content of 58%. So the thought of love left ear to say sweet words to capture their hearts. Scientists in the study also found that the left ear’s ability to feel jokes and anecdotes also better than the right ear.

while another experiment showed that the right ear is more like to listen & other; Sincere advice & throughout; . Researchers and for 30 young men, in their angry when measuring the blood pressure, heart rate, and hormone levels, and then to them respectively in the left ear and right ear to persuade them. It was found that basic not persuaded her left ear, basic did not change the indicators; After right ear listen, anger has slowed, but if from the right ear to noise, it could make him more angry. Studies suggest that the right ear is more persuaded probably because the information is passed to the left brain right ear to hear.

and what is the cause of this result? Scientists think may and brain processing sound information about the process of the traditional theory believes that people left brain logic, right brain partial intuition. Left hemisphere governs sidewith nerves and organs, the language centre, is mainly responsible for language, analytical, logical, algebraic thinking, awareness and behavior; Right brain hemisphere dominance left bust nerves and organs, there is no language center & other Dumb & throughout the brain; , but have to accept music center, is responsible for the visual, such as geometry, painting, image thinking.

because the right control to the left of the nerves and organs, and sweet words belongs to the category of the right brain dominance, and so on the left ear said tend to produce more naturally. So, is it really the case?