The survey said 49% of men for sexual fantasy sora aoi only 7% wanted to pursue

Hong Kong director pang ho-cheung made a funny movie & ndash; & ndash; Spread to the mainland “AV”, became a “youth dream factory”. The beginning of the movie subtitles is & other; In the center of the world call sex & throughout; About a group of boy wants to go to bed and Japanese porn star, pooled their money to ask her to take sport, everyone plays a male leading role, dream has finally burst story step by step.

in the 1990 s, when I enter adolescence with the reform and opening up, like most boys, no one lesson we also in sexual enlightenment & other; Touch stone across the river & throughout; . Asakawa ran, ai jima, sora aoi is then pieces of glittering and translucent get rid of desirable, crackpot & other; Gems & throughout; .

may be the first impressions are most lasting, the S1 now there was no shortage of AV production company (Japan) take charge of the “charming and lovely, but I have a special liking to sora aoi.

step auspicious ohsawa Ming has padding, teak Tina face too cone, mami cross-eyed, it was so dark, love field by acting too cold & hellip; & hellip; In addition, I also don’t like any retreat the characters in the legend, it was a very long list, but I can only regret to point out that their & other; Too much a borrow performance throughout the &; , it easily out of scope.

at the university, we the aisles of a few bedroom is the envy of Japanese boy. They don’t need Chinese subtitles not only, more the opportunity to communicate can go to Japan, and other Communication & throughout; Back to a large number of fresh hot periodicals and audio-visual products. Other languages, students can only in underground tunnels and overpasses looking for woman with child, eyes after usually has the following dialogue:

& other; To piece? Throughout the &;

& other; Sora aoi? Throughout the &;

& other; Who? You look for it. Throughout the &;

open woman skirt, buyers and sellers and helping a child crying in the cold wind. Women urged: & other; Hurry up, the police should come here for a while. Throughout the &; The boy busy searching, pay leave.

the dormitory VCD machine already spit out the tongue, TV & other; Wash & throughout; Panting. Are upper and lower & other; Exceptional & throughout; The smoke into the table.

close the door, put dish.

the Internet age, we don’t have to wake up the woman’s arms of children, the only regret is that sora aoi still hidden folder can only live in their own computers.

one day, suddenly began talking about sora aoi everywhere. As if everyone is afraid of to fall after the, rushed to & other; Sora & throughout; On the lips. Millions of weibo attention first, followed by the domestic media reports, and other Phenomenon throughout the home &; Began to analysis & other; Sora aoi phenomenon throughout the &; .

for said, in a show & other; Your colleague, you only know him in the original work work this side, but you on his facebook, found that he used to enjoy dog, also like flowers, you find that he hated sora aoi, I said how old sora aoi? & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &;

? What are you going to echo also, approachable to say a few do not know from which to see & other; Sora & throughout; Lowers himself jokes, or simply mentioning you more familiar asakawa ran? Yourself you might as well to tell you about the hidden folder, full of low quality rm format directly to turn itself into a subject in dinner of ridicule.

they laugh because they are elegant. The elegant people will say only & other; Smashing the old division & throughout; And even ridicule: definetely & other; China is the only one call sora aoi & lsquo; The teacher & rsquo; State, let I was called the teacher has a very subtle feeling. Throughout the &; People away from the babbittry, always say & other; Dance the peacock massive sora aoi & throughout; Because that’s what we know her naked.

everyone is easy to the vigorous illusion is veiled, thought is a man seen the real performance of sora aoi.

until a survey data show that 24% of the male net friend understanding of sora aoi only on the basis of conformity, never really get to know sora aoi is engaged in the business; Up to 49% of the men seen sora aoi works, more is her fan; While 27% of men in a casual glance at movie sora aoi. This is 76% of the men on the network onlookers of solid sora aoi.

another data showed that 49% of men fantasize is sora aoi. This suggests that when a man fascinated by a woman over and over again, basically as it will fantasize. Further, we can use this reasoning to demonstrate & other; Why do men will be the proportion of female colleagues as fantasize high & throughout; The claim.

only 1% of men are loyal, they fantasize only sora aoi.

50% of men don’t eat dance the peacock them to this one, they exclude sora aoi firmly in your own psychosexuality list.

although half of men have a sexual fantasy for sora aoi, but only 7% of men will sora aoi such girl as their pursuit of object; As much as 45% of men would only in sora aoi of computer in search of the body, face and smile, and then separately in reality a set of standard of love.

man attitude toward sora aoi, confirm the state of separation of the sex and love again.

now, like a suppressed the 3 years of hatred for the university entrance exam, the students can finally blatant with extreme expression to burn books, men with popular sora aoi to publicly declare their repressed sexual needs for many years.

on Christmas Eve 2008, AV star ai jima passed away in Tokyo, her death makes a lot of Chinese men in sorrow. Post: & other; If there is no Japanese AV, China’s sex education is a blank. And if there is no ai jima, AV history and business will be? Throughout the &;

thanks sora aoi, her performance with myself into the release of my youth.

sora aoi

famous Japanese adult model, sexy actress, actress. In November 2010 in sina open weibo, cause the extensive concern of Chinese Internet users.