The tang dynasty are not allowed to “man” and “leftover women” are not marry fine silver age

& other; Left male left female & throughout; That we often say that the older single young men and women. In this day and age, numerous focus on these and other Leftover fighters & throughout; And & other Master class left & throughout; Body, let they are under a lot of social pressure, family and friends in asking and & other By dating & throughout; And really make them feel headache.

in ancient China, marrying is not just about the physiological and psychological needs of people and social stability, and more about the population reproduction and the country’s sustainable development. Since this is the house and country, marrying is not only a & other; The lives of their parents, their arranged & throughout; .

age men and women of our marriage, in the zhou dynasty to the official agenda, the state set up management of marrying official & ndash; & ndash; & other; Media’s & throughout; . “Rites” recorded: & other; Convicted of media’s, and all the people. Throughout the &; Acting like a dating agency boss today.

of course, only the lonely, is natural to marry. In ancient times to the matchmaker! Oad, parents arranged for married men and women is the absolute mainstream. But since men’s and women’s marriage is the home countries, the government also tend to intervene, the main measure is the law and punishment measures.

western zhou dynasty rules & other; Male twenty and champions league, the champions league and her husband, marry thirty; Fifteen women and xu marry, 20 and marry & throughout; , which means that man must get married before the age of thirty, woman must enter into a marriage before the age of fifteen, and then given away himself before the age of twenty.

at the end of the qin dynasty after the war, the western han dynasty rulers in order to restore and develop production, need to add a lot of labor, and advocate people early early, hanshu records, han HuiDiCeng imperial edicts & other; Women’s fifteen more years to thirty not marry five calculate & throughout; Within 15 to 30 years old, that is to say the woman is not married, and five times more taxes way to punish.

in the tang dynasty rulers also argued that early marriage, male 20, female 15 years old can get married, to the tang dynasty years, the legal marriage age is further reduced to 15 years old male, female, 13, if men and women by the married age still haven’t marry marry, government will use fine silver way to deal with.