The tang dynasty has “indifference” : you see during a fire can save save sentenced to a year

the ancient system

now there are some people, from the ego standpoint, in the face of evil and harm social security phenomenon did not dare to stand up, but unconcerned or timid. Current law to the bystander apathy to justice, people can only on moral and conscience condemnation to them. But in the tang dynasty, the bystander apathy is subject to the law.

analyzed ethically the thief steal law “regulation: the robber and killings, home of murder and his neighbour, and & other; With wu & throughout; (five wu) and & other; Than wu & throughout; (nearby) five must be immediately reported to the government, and other When told not to, a day of 60 rod & throughout; . If theft, according to the punishment, commutation second-class. When the criminal hostage, & other; Department and adjacent wu knowledge, avoid no person, ACTS throughout two years &; . Mean: when saw the criminal hostage, & other; The police & throughout; And neighbors rushed forward to fight do not arrest the criminal suspect, two years in prison.

Analyzed ethically

” Caught dead law “regulation: & other; Public security personnel & throughout; On the road, the criminals when the pursuers due to weak to uniform tackling crime, thus turn to the pedestrians on the road, and other Response to human can help without the help of the rod throughout eighty &; . Neighbors also have the duty to stand up catch criminals, & other; The neighborhood was the robber and kill, without the rescuer, staff one hundred; Smell instead of rescuers, wait. Cannot force potential to save, inform the recent case, if you don’t tell, also not to salvage theory & throughout; .

if you see a fire, but I do not report don’t save, should also be punished. Analyzed ethically “mixed law” load: & other; See the fire, should accuse not tell, should save save, reducing fire sin second-class. Throughout the &; The crime reduction second-class execution punishment according to fire. If the said fire sin imprisonment for two years, so finding a fire report, or fighting will be sentenced to a year in prison.

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