The tang dynasty royal incest marriage: father-in-law to marry daughter-in-law Son to marry concubine mother

this article from the carride out of phoenix, Yang Fu, Oriental press

here, the fate of the princess said to the people in the dongyang princess must be involved in the new town. When it comes to the fate of the new town of killed princess princess must also be involved in dongyang. As when it comes to high performance, is sure to say to the grandson of the family, said to the grandson of the family, also must say to the house of high performance. Two sisters of fate, the fate of the two families are closely linked together, is a glorious all glory, broken relationship. Because my uncle the family home is the home high grandson, and grandson home is today’s royal uncle the family of the hamulites. They are responsible to family, positions in the government, also only they have and the royal marriage. But accompany such as with tiger, family men to political risk is more or less about their fate.

although the queen’s grandson, dongyang princess doesn’t seem to be a special favor, in “the emperor taizong: a memoir,” and not a lot of records, unlike her sister princess changle and sister princess jinyang, emperor taizong’s tone. But dongyang princess temperament generous, and also not respected elder brother Li Zhi, little sister princess sister in new offspring.

according to ouyang xiu of the “new tang book? Dongyang princess” account: & other; Dongyang, the princess married the high performance. The emperor acceded to the throne, as long into the princess. WeiZheng torque of the main crop, the main sit home, marriage state spending this migration set. And sat ZhangHuai prince tired, seize the city seal. With grandson mowgli brother family also, so after wu evil. The second son of drop arch and WuZhou migration. Throughout the &;

the same recorded in sima guang History As A Mirror in 204: & other; Wu Zhou tianshun the queen drop arch four years (688) e (June 16), ding hai new moon, with food. Nonyl Yin, god huang three seal. Dongyang long princess cut principalities, and two sons migration WuZhou. Princess for high performance, the queen mother with high’s grandson mowgli brother, so evil. Throughout the &;

can be seen from these two words, dongyang princess is completely & other; In order to grandson mowgli throughout my uncle the family also &; Cause a fall and fall, and her & other; Lord sat throughout the home & marriage; (i.e., for new princess matchmaking), it’s just an excuse for be sent, she, essence is the innocent victim of political struggle.

grandson is Gao Jingde mowgli’s grandfather, emperor is beiqi Gao Huan cousin Gao Yue offspring, for yangzhou secretariat, as the sui and tang dynasties family, is the child of Gao Jingde Gao Shilian, is the grandson of the queen’s uncle. Gao Shilian had six children: perform lines, mass line, pure, true, line umpire and running-in. The performance of the most well-known, married the daughter of queen of dongyang chang sun princess for his wife.

so, degress is something of a mess, grandson of the queen and high performance is cross-cousin brother and sister, so, high performance is dongyang princess’s side, dongyang princess was obviously lower than her husband.

like this different generation marriage in today’s dismissed as incest, while in the feudal society heyday of the tang dynasty, different generation mixing phenomenon is very common, especially in the royal family internal. Through the old and new tang book, can casually pick many such example: such as emperor taizong had long gu for princess marry secretary in Romania, and to marry next gu tang Gao Zongze, father and son to marry the sisters, parent-child relationship into a brother-in-law. And the emperor marry emperor taizong of the tang princess and long-lived Wang Zhifei li married son after wu zetian for jade bracelet as a princess. The former is son marry concubine mother, the latter is father-in-law to marry daughter-in-law. Tang Su ancestor the granddaughter marry with the ‘son of emperor shun zong, than a higher generation. Cases of granddaughter in tang dynasty, the son of emperor xian zong and kwok marry with generation after being appointed, also belong to this kind of situation. Sex is such a mess, so future generations have & other; Dirty don & throughout; The said.

the royal favours different generation marriage, in addition to the tang dynasty imperial family heritage of different generation of marriage in the tradition of wei jin southern and northern dynasties period, with their own level of xianbei, also affect the deep reasons, and the most important is to through the political marriage, to seek the balance of political power in the form of marriage.

so it’s not hard to understand why the royal wedding whether degress. So, marry a royal married women. Example is endless –

in addition to the emperor taizong female dongyang braganza at high performance, in the same way, her sister princess to marry again in new grandson around, and grandson of interpretation is the grandson of the queen’s cousin, so new princess is married to his uncle; Xuan zong’s daughter princess to marry the Yang Ji too China, so China, after the death of the princess Wan Chun princess to marry, and Yang Ji is the cousin of xuanzong spent precious jade bracelet, obviously he’s too hua princess princess and Wan Chun were higher than generation; DE cases of female Zheng Guomu braganza Zhang Maozong and suitable cases of female xiangyang princess to marry brothter of MAO zong Zhang Keli, both of two brothers married aunt nephew; S female stability of braganza WeiZhuo and WeiZhuo wechsler s queen from ZuDi, is don niece married to uncle.

degress so chaotic, dazzling, can’t call, also increases the difficulty to we read history, is as difficult as maths questions. However, from which we can see into the shadow of political marriage, home of the emperor and the marriage of all is the powerful schoenberg.

since the princess is the daughter of the emperor, treatment ceremonial, words and deeds, and even life fate, nature is tightly linked with the fate of the royal. They don’t have their own likes and dislikes, not their own fates, enjoying the royal dignity of riches and at the same time, also Shared the political risk of the royal, royal interests sometimes have to become more offerings.

so, dongyang princess princess xincheng also so!

taizong dynasty twelve years (638), high performance of the princess to marry dongyang after worship for xu a surname, after successive ministers; Zong-wen gao hui first year (AD 650) as a calibration prince, too Chang Qing jg, WeiWei qing, add into Jin Ziguang eloth, doctor, after the death of his father Gao Shilian incoming jue ShenGuoGong. Show celebrating years (AD 656), and his father, as the profit (in chengdu) big DouDuFu long history, & other; Also have good governance, greatly collectors throughout the term “&; . The high performance of the outside to collectors, for son, is famous for its reputation all over the world. Historical records:

at the beginning of the dynasty, butyl mother sorrow, mourning the strain over the ritual. Emperor taizong afford to oracle, & other; Son, immortality. RuYiJiang feed, not GuoLi. Throughout the &;

19 years, and father was difficult, mourning after to filial piety to smell, and his hand, a letter to the yu yue: & other; Destroyed the ancient filial piety, not go out. WenQing JueLi, extremely good in general, luckily or break, crack, cut the tired of life. Throughout the &;

like this conduct talents for the pillar of the leaders of countries, but in the tang dynasty Gao Zongxian three years (658), wu zetian’s, because of its relation with grandson mowgli, & other; The queen mother with high’s grandson mowgli brother, so the evil & throughout; , after wu partisans Xu Jingzong framed with collective punishment was banished, first to HongZhou (now jiangxi nanchang) cure viceroy, soon become yongzhou (now hunan lingling) secretariat, cold and hungry, have died. Even so, high performance than luck is both a cousin and brother-in-law, chairman of the interpretation of the fate of the much better, although be relegated official die, but not into exile, less like a grandson of interpretation, being countered lost life.