The tang dynasty “the imperial concubine business opportunities” now: monk “speculation” Yang jin socks

the jade bracelet & other; Corn & throughout; Fans will be happy to purchase the goods clothing


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there is a kind of feelings, nostalgia; On this basis, a kind of economy. A kind of beauty faded on the body, a kind of busy on material disappear, but will always leave some appendages, these appendages is not the body of the beautiful and prosperous, but additional information about the beautiful and prosperous, the information in the sights of narrations, nostalgic behavior; Then extends to the economy, economic consumption behavior.

such as Yang in Ma Weiyi fragrance pin after she died, her beautiful body and datang prosperous and disappeared in the physical space, but extends to the spirit and the economy, create new business opportunities, tentatively called here & other; The imperial concubine opportunities & throughout; .

business opportunities one: the imperial concubine Ma Weiyi boss Yang relics rich

is known to all the familiar with the history of the tang dynasty, in tianbao fourteen years, 36, Yang xiang pin settle down, however, the beauty of the lady continued to be consumed.

is in the place where she died & ndash; & ndash; Ma Weiyi, there is a hotel boss: an old lady, got a sock, Yang made of brocade, called & other; Kam socks & throughout; .

she realized that jade bracelet although dead, but the jade bracelet fans (can call & other; Corn & throughout;) The heart is not dead, opportunities will surge.

so, the boss is advertised, & other; Jade bracelet kam socks a datang first beauty, with close contact a bid hundreds of money. Throughout the &;

the hotel traffic immediately soared, live not to live well, eat not to eat sweet, it doesn’t matter, is urgent & other; Corn & throughout; Are able to take this legend is a Yang socks only play, appreciation, exclamation, imagine her sexy beauty, style a little health is Yang in the era of prosperity.

in the tang dynasty have & other; Corn & throughout;

a silk socks, can attach so vast amounts of information, just one hundred compared to harvest more than money, is very cost-effective. Then, you also one hundred money, I have one hundred money & hellip; & hellip; & hellip; & hellip;

the Ma Weiyi hotel boss have profit greatly, so rich & ndash; & ndash; & other; Ma Wei stores Ao close to kam socks one, from a visitor every play, must be the money, profit, before and after Ao due to rich. Throughout the &;

this is business story comes from the tang dynasty people li zhao tang national history to fill, to this, a poem, liu yuxi poetry “Ma Wei line” : & other; See YanPan, empty see meant socks & hellip; & hellip; & hellip; Emma must eye, ray of fragrance without rest. Throughout the &; Thousands of pairs of eyes appreciated, even if thread is broken, didn’t, freely available still exist in the imagination in the sense of smell.

& other; Corn & throughout; Use your imagination to supplement information outside of socks. Yang socks economic value is that it can be a medium, activate & other; Corn & throughout; The collective memories and the dreams of the beautiful yearning.