The Terra Cotta Warriors meat clip buns wild goose pagoda “logo” domain name was registered in xian, etc

China Internet network information center recently announced that on May 29, the national top-level domain names & other; . Cn” And & other . Throughout China &; Officially open to the natural person to register. Reporter yesterday from the query to the China Internet network information center, the Terra Cotta Warriors, the wild goose pagoda, meat clip buns is one of the attractions of the city business card, such as food & other; . Cn” Or & other . Throughout China &; Most of the domain name has already been taken.

open to the individual national top-level domain

China Internet network information center (CNNIC) 28 statement said: since midnight on May 29, & other; Any natural person or organization can independently bear civil liability are available in these rules apply for registration under the top-level domain names & throughout; The main body of the domain name registration to natural person. This means that & other; . Cn” & other; . Throughout China &; The two top Chinese domain name officially opened the door to the individual user.

domain name, is composed of a string of use dotted name on the Internet or a computer calculation unit name, identify the computer when it is used in data transmission electronic bearing (sometimes also refers to the geographical location). And in accordance with the standards of the Internet domain division, domain is divided into top, secondary and tertiary domain, etc. In the top-level domain name, more than 200 countries are currently in accordance with the ISO3166 country code assigned the top-level domain, such as China is cn, the United States is the us, Japan, jp, etc.

as we have learned, & other; . Cn” As China’s national top-level domain name, in our country at the beginning of the domain name is open, is a natural person registered, only is to have a qualified enterprise registration.

meat clip buns, wild goose pagoda was registered

reporter yesterday from the query to the China Internet network information center, and & other; The Terra Cotta Warriors & throughout; Related to numerous, simplified & other; The Terra Cotta Warriors. Throughout China &; , & other The Terra Cotta Warriors. Cn” Has been taizhou in zhejiang province made information technology co., LTD., registered, pinyin version of terracotta warriors top-level domain names & ndash; & ndash; & other; Bingmayong. Cn” Is li-li guan personal registration.

related to huaqing pool & other; Huaqingchi. Cn” Be wild ducks (Beijing) technology co., LTD., registered, & other;” To be loved network co., LTD., registered. Related to the wild goose pagoda & other; Dayanta. Cn” Registered by wuhu jin lei e-commerce transaction, numerous, simplified & other; The wild goose pagoda. Throughout China &; , & other The wild goose pagoda. Cn” Be tie-jun li personal registration, & other;” Xiao-ming zhou personal registration. According to the reporter, the related & other; . Cn” , & other . Throughout China &; Domain name holders, are not related to the scenic spot of the operating entity. Only related to Seoul lake numerous, simplified & other; Seoul lake. Throughout China &; , & other Seoul lake. Cn” Xian daxing district comprehensive management committee registration.

xi ‘an & other; Throughout urban business card &; Top-level domain names are registered is not limited to the famous attractions, even xi ‘an residents relish food in xian: meat clip buns, liangpi, SaoZi planes and qin town, liangpi, & other . Cn” , & other . Throughout China &; Top-level domain names are also places such as Beijing, hangzhou, the enterprise or individual to register. Jia pingwa even culture celebrities, the numerous, simplified & other; Jia pingwa. Cn” , & other Jia pingwa. Throughout China &; Domain name is also a culture communication co., LTD., a registered shangluo, while its & other; Jiapingwa. Cn” Is & other; Wangxin” (nature conservancy council, sound) personal registration.

was registered card is blank for sale more experts remind should as soon as possible to domain name brand value

and xi ‘an & other; Throughout urban business card &; Be crazy registered in contrast, most of these are registered domain names blank, don’t have a real operation. And open like & other;” , & other” Sites such as domain name, web site the most eye-catching location are marked & other Domain you are visiting can transfer! Throughout the &; With the words, etc.

according to the staff of the declined to be named a scenic area, the scenic spot before do things seriously enough to domain name, wait to want to scenic spots open official website to find, top-level domain already registered by others, & other; We can only choose to be remembered xa (xian pinyin) acronym + registered a scenic spot. Throughout the &; He also told this reporter, had perpetrators to find them, selling the domain name to the administrative departments of the scenic spot. About the specific price, the staff don’t want to talk, but said & other; Then we would also like to spend tens of thousands of yuan to buy his hand. Cn or. Chinese domain names, but this and they want to spread is not a fragment. Throughout the &; And according to the reporter, the cost of the register a top-level domain but hundreds of yuan each year.

some brand marketing company, a senior partner at party, jiang said, as the IT technology developed continuously, the market competition inevitably extends to the Internet. With a simple, easy to remember, high-level domain name, is advantageous for the audience on the subject of search on the Internet, so the current domain name has become a brand of the Internet, online trademark protection for one of the products. & other; . Cn” And & other . Throughout China &; As a top-level domain names in China, its natural high commercial value.

& other; But compared to the attention of the enterprise to its domain name, scenic spots, food and other urban public brand, the importance of these brand names by the competent department did not go far enough. In fact, on the Internet, domain name brand value is not less than the trademark brand value in the real society. So, these departments should mend, of the urban business card of the comb through has not yet been registered domain name, to register. For has already been registered, to prevent an impostor is ulterior motives, with a fake website to engage in illegal behavior. Throughout the &; Jiang party advice.