The three characters have a fantastic English name zhuge liang, “chocolate”

the hit TV drama “the big bang theory” in the hero Sheldon (Sheldon), recently have a new Chinese name & ndash; & ndash; Xiahou chun. And at the same time, the Chinese classic the romance of The Three Kingdoms in the different people have extraordinary English name, such as hua tuo call Water, d called Maxwell.

it all, from popular domestic board game three kingdoms. The collection of the history, literature, art and other elements of the game, recently been a favourite of foreign players. In order to make foreign friends shout out the name of The Three Kingdoms characters, some netizens language talent high creative translation of names of the characters in the game, a large number of Chinese and western culture extremely characteristic of English names of The Three Kingdoms characters came into being.

signs translation version of the three characters

xiahou chun: Sheldon Sheldon (note:)

the various ge is bright: Chocolate Chocolate (note:)

sima yi: Dead horse horse (note: literal translation)

hua tuo: Water Water (note:)

lv meng: Lemon (note:)

country: Google Google (note:)

still joss-stick: Susan a little lily (note: free translation)