The traditional Chinese painting master Xu Linlu case: the plaintiff dock “faction”

to a family of eight in court, involving celebrity calligraphy and painting, such as qi baishi, xu beihong wills authenticity into focus

qi baishi & other; Close disciple & throughout; , traditional Chinese painting master Xu Linlu died on 9 August last year, but never want to leave their 72 celebrity calligraphy and painting, and the recommended 3 case sparked a family. The 72 celebrity calligraphy and painting, from the qi baishi, xu beihong, Li Keran, flavor, such as the hand of everyone, a conservative estimate its market value above 2 billion RMB. Beijing fengtai court hearing the case.

a family of eight in court

Xu Linlu, also known as Xu Delin, shandong penglai, born on October 19, 1916. Connoisseurs of painting and calligraphy masters, calligraphy and painting. Xu Linlu have been adhering to the family, have a passion for learning painting book. Qi baishi for division in 1945, with about 13 years. Xu Linlu is the flowers and birds painter, calligrapher, ancient and modern calligraphy and painting connoisseur, once known as the capital & other The traditional Chinese painting great saphenous & throughout; , the paintings in the auction market the highest price reached 2.99 million.

Xu Linlu

in 1936, and graduated from tianjin normal university women’s Wang Ling lady married, the marriage relationship has been very good, two people together through the 75 conjugal love. Eldest daughter had eight children, in addition to make the United States, three female Xu Chang have passed away, the eldest son Xu Huajie, two son Xu Huaru, the third Xu Hua yi, two women Xu Li four Xu Hua late, and four female Xu E were alive.

on August 9, 2011, Xu Linlu due to illness, died at the age of 95.

on July 10, 2012 Xu Hua burned with a 95 – year – old prince of old age will proclamation to court. Asked Mr Segmentation Xu Linlu heritage.

after the court before the conversation, fengtai court all children will eventually Xu Linlu add into the case.

will authenticity & other; Variables throughout the &;

at the scene of the trial, the plaintiff for the third Xu Hua yi, four female Xu E and eldest daughter has been dead many beautiful, three female Xu Chang daughter; The defendant is Wang Ling wen, the eldest son Xu Huajie, the second Xu Huaru, four children and two women Xu Li Xu Hua late.

Xu Hua yi said, on December 30, 2010, the children to count, father of collection and jointly sign 72 painting, after his father died, the work has not been separated.

Xu Hua yi believes that as the heir apparent to his father, in accordance with the law shall have the right to inherit, demand segmentation father’s legacy celebrity calligraphy and painting works.

for their appeal, Wang Ling agent gao zicheng, Xu Linlu had written a will, died after all paintings belong to the wife Wang Ling all, and in the court to show the original wills with brush to write on the paper.

in the will, not all children are recognized. Have children, I think it is the younger son Xu Hua later wrote in the old man had stress will, asked the court to identify. Authenticity, the court decided to first identify the will, to set a trial.

the plaintiff’s & other; Latent & throughout;

sitting on the dock of the siblings’ mind, even if what was supposed to be & other; The same front & throughout; The plaintiff, the dock are up & other; Infighting & throughout; .

at the scene of the trial, sat in the plaintiff’s daughter Xu E, to fellow plaintiffs Xu Hua explicitly put forward the objection. She said, & other Parents will writing their presence, the father is written in the waking state, not Xu Hua late stress, heritage should be owned by the mother. The heritage, the mother who is willing to give to whom, I not to interfere in, my dad gave them the skill, sometimes as a painter, sometimes when the connoisseur, was a minor celebrity in the society, to the court for property right now, this is unfilial. Throughout the &; Taking Xu E tears in court, his word, & other; Mom, I’m sorry you, I sat on the plaintiff’s position today. Throughout the &;