The U.S. on similar red miles UFO location (figure)

by Google maps, two different city in the United States can see the shape similar to that of UFO.

according to foreign media reports, recently & other; Google maps & throughout; Captured images of the United States both appear above the red UFO, but surprisingly, the two UFO shape not only similar, they & other; Appearance & throughout; Locations are separated by thousands of miles away.

according to the report, & other; Google maps & throughout; Provide street, according to the American arkema Jacksonville, Texas and new Mexico over the city of Pueblo were the red round UFO, but the two cities are one thousand miles apart. The reporter field survey at the same time, local residents should never see the sight.

due to the shape similar to the UFO at different locations at the same time, also triggered speculation. Some people think that may be caused by sunlight on camera halo, it could also be caused by other objects of reflective, but not yet concluded.

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