The ullens dialogue: China is very important to me

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& other; Millie grace and I will continue to stay in China & throughout;

reporter: in April when we want to interview you, but was told that you refused to all the Chinese media access. Why now changed his mind?

the ullens: the reason is very simple & ndash; & ndash; Before April, I had a very bad interview experience, after my team, just let me know, from now on the best & other; Speak careful & throughout; Don’t talk. In fact, I have not your own boss, my team more has played a leading role.

for the media, and now I just want to say a word: Millie grace and I will continue to stay in China.

reporter: this spring, the Hong Kong special sotheby’s auction of your collection of 105 Chinese contemporary art, the media reported about 2000 pieces of Chinese art collection you, 80% of whom are contemporary art and will be sold, then there are about 1600 items will be auctioned. This is an accurate information?

the ullens: we all collection by the fund management and have based in Geneva. Figures are not statistics, because contemporary art form and content varied, we also have not been counted exactly how many collections. Such as the collection has a large series of device, it can be seen as a piece of work, also can saying is 42 pieces. So, it is difficult to have the exact answer in Numbers.

reporter: so, media reported Mr Ullens ready to sell to Chinese contemporary art collection of all the partial, this information is really?

the ullens: not exactly, but I can understand that. Whenever a significant action in the auction market, will attract a lot of noise, including questions and rumors. Collection is very personal thing originally, but under the condition of present information, also become less personal.

until now, Millie grace and I all have long argued that the main thing that we need to do is to promote contemporary art and artists, we have done for 25 years. When we push the younger generation, now has become the backbone of contemporary art and mature generation. Since its establishment, the UCCA has occupied a lot of our time and energy, so we hope that we can now back to the original idea, that is to promote and support young artists, the heart will not change.

reporter: last spring, when you sent to auction part of Chinese contemporary art, the UCCA senior said that Mr Ullens want to collect the young artist’s work. What is this aspect of the collection now? You are paying attention to what young artists?

the ullens: this is very personal things, but with my current role, and it is difficult for personal Angle of view to answer this question. If I focus on who I share with you, not mentioned may be affected. But most important, I and Millie’s wish is to support young artists, as did the same.

reporter: ask the question, because you as one of the most important collector of contemporary art in China, every action caused a lot of speculation. A few months before you accept the news of the art (TheArtNewspaper) interview, said that in buying contemporary art, so talk you will no longer be bullish on China and India. I want to know, what do you think about the current situation of Chinese contemporary art?

the ullens: this little affectations brings great response phenomenon is a bit sad to me. Said I want to leave China, to India is certainly not true, I and Millie grace love of China has never faded. Still full of vitality and innovation of contemporary Chinese art, even it is difficult to define the mature older artists and the distinction between the younger generation, because I found that many of the old artists also innovative, bursting out energy, such as contemporary, age he should be a old artist, but he made a lot of new, young, let me very surprised. I’ve just bought hid his installation “circle of bentham”. Now faces a lot of Chinese contemporary art is full of artistic value, but also not to say a name, personally, I prefer fudong Yang, but now his works are mainly film.

reporter: usually we will have a view, namely whether the home of the collection of the museum, as to distinguish the collector and the art market in the capital operation of important standard. What do you think about this question?

the ullens: too difficult to answer this question, I temporarily no answer. Regarding the collection, I seem to have no more information can be Shared. However, China is very important to me.

& other; UCCA don’t like the rumored that the finance burden is heavy & throughout;

reporter: then let’s talk about the UCCA. When you decide to start the UCCA in China, it what idea is there? 4 years, what do you think of to run?

the ullens, was first established UCCA, met with many difficulties. The most difficult is that top management how to form a team. As time goes by, our ability to manage more and more strong. We now have a very local and international perspective and the background of team, operating cooperation is also getting better and better.

reporter: as if you told the media, is a big money for UCCA, every year in 60 million yuan of above, also has is working capital needs 100 million yuan a year.

the ullens: before I had not officially told the media about the money problem. Operating costs are higher at the beginning, this is normal, with operations in the process to get experience is inevitable. Development is getting better and better, but now we are falling, the cost of income has been increasing, which makes the UCCA is no longer as speculation the finance burden is heavy. Millie grace and I have been hoping that can retain and continue to have the things we love to now UCCA’s own operation and management of the ascension of cost reduction, I already feel relieved, this is also the development of UCCA a starter.

reporter: in other countries and regions, the ullens foundation if there are similar to UCCA institutions, running status?

the ullens: I and Millie grace is passionate and love to a lot of things, ranks first in China, including the UCCA projects and provide support to young artists by means of collection. In addition we have a cancer foundation, Millie was once a cancer patient, she established the foundation after recovery, to help cancer patients and their family members, in Europe we have helped the 1-50000. We have a charity education project in Nepal. Nepal itself relatively backward education condition, we introduce the internationally renowned school and education management power, built a school in Nepal, now it could be one of the best schools in Nepal.

reporter: contemporary art institutions such as the UCCA, still only this one in China so far?

the ullens: enough to have such a good institutions. UCCA has never been out of my sight.

reporter: 2013, 798 art district in Beijing UCCA lease expires. Do you have any plans for the future of UCCA?

the ullens: I have been hoping that UCCA a long-term development. Since in 798, we and the seven stars property have good relations of cooperation. We discussed about the rent, also hope to continue cooperation relations between each other. We dare not say UCCA to Beijing how much contribution, but in at least 798 area really made some contribution. And if all these problems are, seven star group, I believe the future will give relatively suitable answer. At the same time, the UCCA in 2012, there are some new public education project, exhibition project are raised, such as advance and development of these projects will get bigger UCCA development.

reporter: if I can believe that all of you will transfer UCCA rumor is not true?

the ullens: we are thought of looking for partners in China to help UCCA more localization. Because in my idea, UCCA is a contemporary art center for China, its development, the more successful, the more the localization. Before, we also contact with some partners, discussed, but the other person’s vision and our vision is not able to dock. Looking for cooperation is in order to develop better. Now I believe UCCA can operate, health will be attracted to China’s sponsorship, such as expanding culture education project bigger.

the curator Jerome – sans group leadership team have so many good exhibition planning, has attracted many international attention. UCCA from 7 years ago to start building, the pavilion design based on the original 798 with historical background and historical stories of military factory structure, to transform the original structure and now new fuses in together, this kind of style I like it very much. We have a great hall, more than 2000 square meters of space itself is also very beautiful. How to use this space to express themselves, the exhibits better placed inside, giving the art group, curators and artists have brought great challenges and opportunities.
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