The United Nations released the top 10 most difficult languages in the world top Chinese

sounds beautiful language

in the international linguistic, Japanese, Italian and Spanish, is recognized as the three pronunciation beautiful language, among them, the Japanese but also in the first place. In linguistics, evaluate whether the pronunciation of a language is beautiful, there is a recognized standard, the proportion of the number is the number of consonants and vowels, more appropriate, had better be one to one, such as & other; さ く ら & throughout; , its pronunciation is [s] a [k] ua (I intentionally put consonants in square brackets), you see, a consonant sound with a vowel sound, is just one to one, very standardized, so language, pronunciation is good. Instead, you look at the script (BBS) English words, its pronunciation is [SKR] [pt], I five consonants with a vowel, such language, pronunciation is bad. English and Chinese is not the best, if you see Chinese with the most votes on the vote, it is normal, we are all Chinese, will vote for their own mother tongue, foreigners don’t think so.

in fact, the United Nations educational, scientific and cultural organization world released ten great trouble to learn a language, Chinese language at the top. Think we all learned the hardest language in the world, are you still afraid of something else?

of the 10 most difficult languages in the world rankings released (UN)

NO. 1 – mandarin (Chinese)

NO. 2 – Greek (Greece)

NO. 3 – Arabic (Arab)

NO. 4 – Icelandic (Iceland)

NO. 5 – Japanese (Japan)

NO. 6 – Finnish (Finland)

NO. 7 – German (Germany)

NO. 8 – Norwegian (Norway)

NO. 9 – Danish (Denmark)

NO. 10 – French (France)

when a person can’t understand another person at the time of say what, what would he complaining? The people have said:


& other; It is Greek to me! Throughout the &; (& other It is simply a Greek! Throughout the &;)


South Africa & other; Dis Grieks vir my! Throughout the &; (and Greek)


& other; Graecum est. Non potestlegi. Throughout the &; (or Greek)

Portuguese: & other; E grego para mim. Throughout the &; (continue to Greek)

polish: & other; To jest dla mnie greka! Throughout the &; (still Greek)

but polish also has another way of saying: & other; To jest dla mnie chinszczyzna! Throughout the &; (Chinese)

Dutch: & other; Dat is Latijns voor mij! Throughout the &; (Latin, which is one of the most commonly used, besides the hapless and Chinese and Spanish)

it was a large crowd of the Greek and how to show this meaning?

Greek: & other; & mu; & omicron; & upsilon; & phi; & alpha; & iota. & nu; & epsilon; & tau; & alpha; & iota. & kappa. & iota. & nu; & epsilon; & zeta; & iota. & kappa. & omicron; Throughout the &; (& other Listen as with Chinese & throughout;)

were then Chinese start to watching:

Hebrew: & other; Nishma c’ The moh sinit! Throughout the &; (& other It sounds like Chinese! Throughout the &;)

romanian: & other; Parca Chineza e! Throughout the &; (& other Look like Chinese! Throughout the &;)

Russian: & other; Э т о д л second м е н second seem и т а й с seem а second f р а м о т а. & throughout; (& other For me to say this is a Chinese literature. Throughout the &;)

Serbia – Croatian: & other; Throughout the To je za mene kineski. &; (& other For me it is Chinese. Throughout the &;)

it is said that Chinese have been watching another language, but can’t find the details, including: Estonian, fleur mans, Hungarian, Swiss German, tower road article

there are some language at the same time watching the Chinese and other languages:

Finnish: & other; Onpas Kiinalainen jutuu! Throughout the &; (& other What is this stuff like Chinese! Throughout the &;)

Finnish: & other; Se on minulle taytta hepreaa. (& other; It is the Hebrew for me. Throughout the &;)

Hebrew also often watch:

: French & other; C’ Est DE l’ Hé Breu pour moi. Throughout the &; (& other For me it is Hebrew. Throughout the &;)

German and Czech republic like watching Spanish:

Czech: & other; The To je pro mne Span ě lska vesnice. & throughout;

German: & other; Das kommt mir Spanish vor is. Throughout the &;

what about Spanish onlookers who:

Spanish: & other; Para mi es chino. Throughout the &; (it is Chinese & hellip; & hellip;)

Italian onlookers Turkish:

: Italian & other; Questo e turco per me. Throughout the &;

Turkish onlookers Arabic: & other; Anladimsa Arab olayim. Throughout the &; (& other I understand I am Arab. Throughout the &;)

Arabic onlookers Persian: & other; Kalam ajami. Throughout the &; (& other To me like a Persian. Throughout the &;)

Persian onlookers Turkish: & other; Turki gofti? Throughout the &; (& other Turkish is what you said just now? Throughout the &;)

then have some language really don’t know who looked good, is:

Bulgarian: & other; ! Za mene sa ieroglifi. Throughout the &; (& other I see these as hieroglyphics. Throughout the &;)

Danish: & other; Det er Det Rene volapyk for mig. & throughout; (& other For me it was purely walter pull a poke. Throughout the &;

this sentence is too strong, I googled to find out: walter, poke language (Volapü K) is the first artificial language more successful, is the pioneer of esperanto.

the last is the most powerful one:

: Chinese & other; Is listening to the heavens! Throughout the &; (hj English network)