The United States condemned the last supper: can not drink alcoholic drinks

if you want to find an American death-row point life, & other; Throughout the last supper &; May be one of them.

according to the tradition of for years, the United States most of the prison will be the day before the execution provides a delicious dinner for prisoners. Of course, not make people met every requirement. In order to avoid emotions out of control, they could not drink alcoholic drinks. Meals also limits within the $40. Prison cannot provide beautiful bowls or glasses with decorative pattern, even if again big dinner, can only be installed in a dull orange prison special tray.

of course, is lost much earlier than life, is death. In life’s last night, a lot of people didn’t & other; Place the order & throughout; Those people, many others recipe is simple.

once a 5-year-old girl for his killer point a delicious vegetarian food, including two bottles of coke and an onion. In addition, the very attention to the problem of bad breath middle-aged fat did not forget to cook to a pack of gum. A murder two senior lawyer of prisoners is likely to be a sweet tooth, he asked for a shaman color sugar doughnuts and a glass of chocolate milk. Eddie & middot; Mace is the state of New York last death. He died in 1963, before I was to die, he only ordered a pack of cigarettes and a box of matches.

no dinner than Robert & middot; Isaac is more concise. Under the identity of urban planner cover, Isaac is actually a terrible man, who had sexual assault and murder a 11 year old child. Before he died, the man as long as a nuclear black olives. Speculation about his salute to another killer, the last supper is one not to nuclear olives.

of course, not everyone has to give up the chance of a meal.

a bloated John & middot; Gus in May 1994 was injected with needle to be put to death. Before, he has a fairly decent resume: graduated with honors from the business school, a former KFC restaurant manager, went on to become a great salesman. He is good at playing laughed at the clown, is the pistachio nuts in the community. But strip away the graceful and friendly jacket, gus is a veritable & other; The clown killer & throughout; , who had raped and killed 33 people. Among them, 28 bodies buried in his villa and basement under the floor, the back garden. The other five bodies are rejected because of no space in the home into the river.

but in & other; Throughout the last supper &; In front, the heinous crime psychopathic killer won the equal treatment. The former KFC restaurant manager for five pieces of plain chicken, a bag of chips and a milkshake.

outlaws grasso, on the utmost consumes $40, he ate two dozen two dozen steamed steamed scallops, clams, a double cheeseburger, 6 pieces of roast lamb chops, a jar of spaghetti, half of pumpkin pie, a bucket of strawberry ice cream, also drank two cups of milk shake. Well, it seems that, at that time even give him a fridge, he can eat.

but when the meal is patting belly grasso given & other; Bad review & throughout; : & other; I ordered the mini pasta, but you gave me the ordinary pasta. Throughout the &;

it looks like, cooking dinner for death row is not an easy job. This spring, Texas prison former chef Brian & middot; The price will & other; Throughout the last supper &; Compiled into a cookbook. He was once the state of a luxury hotel chefs, but because of two criminal charges after 14 years in jail. In prison, price with excellent once again become a chef cooking skills. He not only prepare three meals a day of ordinary prisoners, also should pay attention to the condemned the last supper.

& other; Even if they had made the unforgivable crime, I will do what I can, to do the last meal delicious. Throughout the &; The chef said.

before the jail, price was preparing dinner for 220 death row. He also developed a called & other; The real criminals curry & throughout; New dishes, it is said that the dish was inspired by electrocution voltage, spicy from & other; 5000 v, 10000 v, rising to 5000 volts & throughout; . According to unofficial statistics, the chef cheese beef sandwich, chips, Fried chicken, steak, ice cream, and is the most popular food.

of course, chefs never admitted that they deal with many difficult cases. For example, someone to & other; A handful of dust & throughout; As the last supper. And thugs want to eat to a table & other Justice, justice and peace in the world & throughout; .

however, the most embarrassing situation in September this year. In a Texas prison, the crucifixion death-row bly theo ordered a big MAC hamburger, meat, vegetables, half a kilo of meat, Fried chicken pizza and ice cream, can after so much food was sent to prison, the criminal a sudden change of mind, declared himself something also don’t eat, & other; I didn’t appetite & throughout; .

this time, decided to no longer settling angry Texas prison system. A spokesman for the system, they never will not provide the special service for death row. Condemned to death in the United States the largest number of regions, only with & other; Throughout the last supper &; Say goodbye forever.