The United States in China: Christmas to send apple is the originality of the Chinese

& have spent In guizhou university of the all-american Pepiton couple. A foreign land, though not pure atmosphere of Christmas, let Pepiton couples feel particularly kind, also reminded them thick homesickness.

Pepiton said that in the United States, the night before Christmas day together, they will usually family get together for a Turkey as staple food dinner, after eating usually go to church to pray. Their church on Christmas day in the United States will not noisy as in China, but prayed silently, quietly leave. Back to home, family members may tell some stories about Christmas together, about this aspect of the story has a lot of abroad, there are many different versions.

just like the Chinese New Year, Christmas is a western countries children especially like day. Because the day for them is a fruitful day, like Chinese children will receive lucky money, they will also receive different gifts. Christmas morning, children will get up early, open up their stockings, delighted to open gifts. Between friends or family and will send each other gifts. At noon to eat a big lunch, then go to the movies, play games, or singing and dancing.

Pepiton couples to China has been a year and a half, Christmas is in guiyang in 2010. They like Christmas Eve to apple to safe this way of the Chinese original. Pepiton couple, said last year on Christmas Eve, when they received the student’s apple, really gave them a big surprise. However, they didn’t like the atmosphere of Christmas in China strong. & other; Christmas in China, like Chinese New Year in the United States, the street is too noisy. Throughout the &; Pepiton couple said.

student Anna also comes from the United States, to study in guizhou university but three months ‘time. Anna said, although Christmas in China is not the same as Christmas at home, but to also very much looking forward to the coming Christmas. Like Pepiton couple, Anna likes Christmas Eve to send apple the unique way in China. Since the first came to China for Christmas, she felt it was an unforgettable Christmas, made her because she is very like the enthusiasm of the Chinese people here.