The United States pushed the “space” funeral, $2000 to send the ashes into space (FIG.)

space funeral

the ashes into space of thought & not other Nirvana space & throughout; Unique to the company, since 1997, the headquarters is located in Houston Celestis company launched the service, the father of the “star trek” roden & middot; Berry’s ashes then be sent into space.

according to foreign media reports, the next 10 years commercial space will rise, filled with all kinds of expensive space projects, such as a $200000 suborbital weightless experience, price is relatively cheap, 30000 meters high altitude balloon flight, $25 million super expensive experience and so on the international space station 7, but some companies are targeting the space funeral, a company called ElysiumSpace“ Nirvana space & throughout; The company plans to put the cremated ashes into space, become another kind of sense & other; Celestial burial & throughout; . But into space does not fly out of the ashes of control range of the gravity of the earth, it will become the earth orbit a & other; Garbage & throughout; With falling height, urn gradually turned into a & other; Meteor & throughout; . & other; Nirvana space & throughout; Company hopes to launch in 2014 the first commercial space funeral, NASA engineers before Thomas & middot; Thinking is the founder of the company, he thinks the urn launched into earth orbit is a very unique funeral ceremony, can let my family and friends always remember this moment, because the space funeral matching with is also a mobile application, can be in the sky to locate the position of the ashes of the deceased, so that you can remember the moment in the mobile phone.

the ashes into the cost of the space is not far too high, according to the company’s offer, the height of low-earth orbit charge only $2000, more than $200000 for a few minutes of suborbital experience much cheaper, can have relevant launch services next year.