The United States the statue of liberty thoughts disrepair was auction base into a museum

this year on October 28, the statue of liberty in the 125 – year – old birthday, then formal & other; Vacation & throughout; A year, suspended open to tourists, for repairing. Of the statue of liberty in the United States and France as the arc DE triomphe, have already become the symbol of the United States, but she is French sculptor’s masterpiece.

comes from inspiration for the republican cause sacrifice girl

on July 4, 1776 by Thomas & middot; Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin & middot; Franklin and others to draft the declaration of independence was signed. Jefferson and others finally solemnly declared: the United States of America independence from Britain.

when the equality, freedom, great strides on the road, the birthplace of these beliefs France, has repeatedly been absolute monarchy relentlessly rolling over and over again. Napoleon iii acceded to the throne in 1865, France a group of bourgeois scholars hopes of an end to the monarchy, establish a new French republic. On the other side of the Atlantic, the republic of praise, but also to improve franco-american friendship between the two peoples, the French historian Edward & middot; DE & middot; Bly’s proposed by spontaneous financing, to build a statue of liberty, of 100 anniversary of America’s founding. Also the scholar thinks: pull bly, want to use the statue of liberty to celebrate the victory in the American civil war, the government and to commemorate black slaves liberation. Because during the American civil war.

French artist auguste & middot; Bartholdi entrusted to the tasks of sculpture. Bartholdi at the age of 31 years old, and his love since youth sculpture art, has twice to lobby the governor of Egypt, and plans to set up a towering lighthouse, the Suez Canal estuary shape of ancient Rome & other; The statue of liberty & throughout; And eventually failed. This time, bartholdi seize the historical opportunity.

the statue of liberty by painting delacroix “free guide people”. Bartholdi recalled later, idea of the statue of liberty from his witness: when I was 17 in December 1851, Louis & middot; Bonaparte launched a coup against second republic. One day, a group of supporters on the streets of the republic of build fortifications, street fighting and plotters. Twilight time, a girl of loyal to the republic regime with burning torch, over the barricade, shouted & other; In order to the republic, forward! Throughout the &; Rushed to the uneven. At this moment, Bonaparte soldiers shot, the young girl in a pool of blood. Bartholdi witnessed a solemn and stirring scene, in the mood for a long time can not calm. From then on, the victims of a torch high, become his heart of the statue of liberty.

for the republican cause sacrifice girl provides inspiration for bartholdi, but in the specific creation, he in the form of his wife as a reference for the goddess of finalize the design, the goddess of the appearance is based on the characteristics of their mother modesty, majesty to shape.

bartholdi built huge volume of the sculpture, but gods took his idea one material, if the solid copper, iron or stone, heavy statue will be difficult to through the wheel shipped across the Atlantic. Therefore, bartholdi decided to adopt copper inlay nail method: all the statue of liberty with copper splicing assembly, each composed of human pounding.

but how to put a number of up to 10 meters bronze stand? Bartholdi had a new problem. The famous engineer Steve & middot; Eiffel big help this time. He designed the Eiffel Tower named after him world famous. Eiffel designed a steel structure, main body is composed of four footing, footing above the structure scale horizontal rod three components, with a fixed frame as a whole. In this way, the statue of liberty & other; Skin & throughout; To pieces of Mosaic & other; Skeleton & throughout; On.

& other; The right hand & throughout; , & other The torch & throughout; , & other Crown & throughout; On display in two world expo section

in order to make the works won popularity among the people of the United States, in June 1871, bartholdi sailing for on-the-spot investigation in the United States. When the ship sailed into New York harbor in the half-light of the morning, he was attracted to the spectacle of the island of bader. Bader island in New York, sun estuary, Alice island, next to it was a bridgehead of immigrants in America. After the end of the 19th century, millions of immigrants from the shore, start a new journey. & other; The statue of liberty I must be built here. Throughout the &; The thor even for the statue of liberty to draw up a formal name: & other; Shine throughout the world the statue of liberty &; .

the statue of liberty began to build the real time of 1874 years, prepare in Philadelphia in 1876 on display at the expo. But funding problems seriously restricted the construction of the statue of liberty progress. The world expo held in Philadelphia, bartholdi only completed the statue of liberty’s right hand and the torch. Even so, the statue of liberty is unfinished appearance will cause sensation. Liberty sculpture that holding the torch hand nearly 13 meters long, only the forefinger is one meter thick. Torch on May 12 people and make people can board the torch for 50 cents in particular direction.

two years later Paris world expo, has just completed the & other; The statue of liberty & throughout; Crown is also on display. Visitors have crawled into her tall crown, from the Windows of the 25 about 1 m high overview area. The statue of liberty to build organizers take issue called & other; Free & throughout; Lottery, in order to raise money. Meanwhile, the U.S. government approval to accept the statue of liberty, was identified as the location of the lay of the island of bader.

in 1883, nearly 10 years, before and after the statue of liberty was finally completed, and in Paris & other; Try to install & throughout; Statue, 34 meters high, along with the platform, a total of 46 meters high. On July 6, 1884, the statue of liberty officially by the French gift to the United States.

Pulitzer donation of $100000 to build base

the statue of liberty is doomed to a tumultuous, & other; The goddess & throughout; Very not easy to build good, & other; Home & throughout; Became difficult problem. Although the U.S. government agreed to receive gift of the French people, but congress refused to to provide $100000 to build the statue of liberty base, state of New York same inaction.

the deaf angered us newspaper tycoon Joseph & middot; The Pulitzer. The Pulitzer in le monde front-page editorial, the statue of liberty vagrant, & other In New York City, for our republic, is a kind of hard to wash shame! Now there is only one way to save the goddess, that is must raise money as soon as possible. We don’t expect a millionaire out of the money, the statue of liberty is not France millionaire gave American millionaires, but all the French people throughout the gift to all the people of the United States &; .

Pulitzer lead the donated $250. Since then, le monde has published the statue of liberty related news and comments, continuously stirring up the American people. Pulitzer even come up with ingenious ways: all donors, regardless of the amount of size, all serve the public, in order to show respect and thanks. Just four months, Pulitzer and le monde raised $100000, 120000 americans are involved in the donation.

the statue was unveiled, stylist bartholdi overhead for final finishing

on June 17, 1885, buried in Paris for a year the statue of liberty was finally take the warship arrived in New York. Previously, only statue of packaging that weighs 120 tons 80 tons of iron and copper has spent 3 months time, the statue is divided into 210 pieces of packing. , the statue of liberty arrives in New York harbor hundreds of thousands of ships horns, dock, the deck was a sea of people.

75 workers immediately began the nervous assembly work. Forming of sheet is fixed to the frame with rivet rack, spent 300000 rivets alone. On October 28, 1886, the statue of liberty officially debut, tens of thousands of people to witness this historic moment. Bader at the foot of the statue of liberty island, later known as & other; Liberty island & throughout; .

this is the day, the New York port the ship whistle flowers, fireworks, in a 21-gun salute, President grover & middot; Cleveland to attend the opening ceremony and delivered a speech. When his special thanks to the French people and bartholdi’s contribution, people see the sculptor nowhere to be seen. Wait until the unveiling ceremony, wrapped in the head of the French flag uncovered a statue of the statue of liberty stunning appearances for the first time. People saw the statue of liberty standing above a person & ndash; & ndash; Bartholdi, he is doing the final check repair the statue of liberty. For months, he like ants on a huge statue, personally oversees all the screws are set in place.

base bi museum

together with the base, the statue of liberty is as high as 93 meters, the waist is about 11 meters wide, Roman toga make its shape looks thick yet graceful and restrained. & other; The goddess & throughout; Closed lips, solemn, eyes look straight ahead, crown seven ray light shine seven continents as a symbol of freedom.

with the right hand holding the torch of relatively high, & other; The goddess & throughout; Left hand holding a piece of copper, in Roman numerals engraved with the declaration of independence issued date & ndash; & ndash; On July 4, 1776 AD, this day is the fourth of July. Has broken chains under their feet, scattered right calcaneal make travel form, and forward a throw off the shackles of image jump out however.

American female poet Emma & middot; Raza Ruth poem “the new giant”, engraved on the base of the statue of liberty:

you’re welcome/those fatigue and poor/crowded together Volkswagen/desire for freedom breathing that bustling abandoned/poor people on the bank of the homeless, weather-beaten/people together to me/I stand at the gate of the gold/exalted freedom lights & hellip; & hellip;

inside the statue of liberty is divided into 22 layers, the elevator can be arrived at the 10th floor. If you want to deep & other The goddess & throughout; Head, get a good view of the New York scene, level 168 spiral staircase need to climb, to reach the crown, the equivalent of climbing a 12-story building. As for the statue of liberty base in 1972, has warded history museum of immigration to the United States.

disrepair asa auction

in 1916, the statue of liberty installed not quenched night and day lighting system, the President of the United States johndroe & middot; Wilson himself to open the lamp button, & other; The goddess & throughout; Become a beacon of freedom. In 1942, the statue of liberty is listed as the national cultural relics. Then the world heritage list.

as a symbol of the United States, like New York landmark Empire State Building, statue of liberty was the result of the auction. Before 1985, the statue of liberty under the base of a water pipe leaking due to disrepair, the federal government owed millions of dollars in jersey city, New Jersey gas debt.

the federal government neither plumbing or insolvency. Jersey city many times repeatedly hit a wall. Desperately, jersey city government vowed to auction the statue of liberty, because it is the sole property of the federal government in jersey city. The federal government’s argument, racking their brains to come up with a solution. They warned jersey city government: americans auction sale of the statue of liberty is grandmother, is to get across the United States make a fool of yourself stupid thing in the world. Because of the clever metaphor, make jersey city government dare not to risk can’t mention of the auction, it didn’t make the statue of liberty is reduced to the predicament in the sale.

next, with deep pockets of the Japanese set & other; Acquisition of the United States and throughout; Mania, Rockefeller center, Empire State Building has become the Japanese products. Rising Japanese, once ready to use $500 million to buy the statue of liberty, so taken under the Fuji mountain. With example, the americans this time more dare not to betray my own & other; My grandmother & throughout; .

in the face of time kedao, & other; The statue of liberty & throughout; To avoid & other; Aging & throughout; She gradually revealed & other; Tired & throughout; With & other; Pathological & throughout; : the rust and water seepage constantly gnawed at her face. To this end, the U.S. government has launched many times to repair project.

on September 11, 2001, the New York world trade center towers collapsed by the terrorist attacks. For security reasons, the statue of liberty also lost & other; Free & throughout; : she closed to the public for three years, after the cost $20 million to improve safety and security measures, was reopened, but visitors will only allowed to its base area. In 2009, to celebrate independence day, & other; The statue of liberty & throughout; Part of the reopen on July 4th. But in the face of the twin towers empty ruins, & other; The statue of liberty & throughout; May feel dejected.