The United States women’s spending heavily to do luxury pet dog wedding to break the world record (FIG.)

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in online dating the chosen male dog Chilly Pasternak.

Beijing, July 13 (xinhua) comprehensive report, the American journal of Animal the Animal markets (Animal Fair) founder Diamond (Wendy Diamond) 12, for $250000 (1.6 million yuan), in New York for your dog & other; Hope baby & throughout; (Baby Hope) held a billed as the world’s most luxurious pet weddings, refresh the guinness book of world records.

diamond lady pet dog is a cotton veil dog, diamond for this dog heavily on the site marriage proposal, finally select a Virginia poodle Chilly Pasternak.

this century luxury pet wedding for a number of well-known stars by once the top wedding planning ShiKai is responsible for. Originally wanted $25000 every wedding costs katz, decided to provide free services.

this pet ceremony held on 12 evening local time, spent $15000 hired orchestra seven people, $5000 for sushi. 250 guests and 50 dogs at the wedding.

in order to make & other; Hope baby & throughout; Become full, light & other; Bridal gowns & throughout; It took 6000 dollars.