The universe is designed out? Why the law of nature be fine tuned

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hawking, is both physicists and thinkers. Any new idea is put forward, he will attention among academics. His book a brief history of time, once has a widespread influence. He recently with MengLuo dino cooperation to complete the “grand design” (hunan science and technology publishing house), it is after the publication of a brief history of time, nearly 20 years his thinking achievement of science and philosophy. In this book, the writer keep thinking about the beginning of the universe deep proposition. In this, the reporter recently interviewed the translator Wu Zhongchao.

when the universe and how to start? Why are we here? Why are not not? What is a true nature? Why the law of nature is so finely tuned to make our life? And finally, our universe’s apparent & other; Throughout the design &; Can you confirm to make things run benevolent creator? & ndash; & ndash; Science can provide another kind of explanation?

reporter: are you from in China to spread the hawking theory first, hawking’s “a brief history of time” the nut of the universe “and so on, are all translated by you introduced to the public in China. Especially in “a brief history of time”, now you and translated the book the grand design. You called hawking since the book “a brief history of time”, the most important works. You said in the translator in order, this is a book to understand life, the universe and the universe exists. Would you please brief the main points of the book.

Wu Zhongchao: Hubble discovered cosmological redshift law to enter into kingdom of science, Einstein’s general theory of relativity provides a mathematical framework, change our world view, the discovery of the cosmic microwave background radiation big bang model accepted by the mainstream. Hawking of cosmology is the main contribution of the theory of the creation of the universe, it gives a false scene of the universe. In this scenario, the universe and all things of creation and evolution is completely determined by the science and the laws of physics, and the creator is not the place of these tasks. This is the theme of “a brief history of time”.

“the grand design” is the writing background, in between the more than 20 years since the publication of a brief history of time, no matter in the observation of the universe, or the theory of all things has made great progress, especially discovered the cosmic acceleration, to develop the string theory and m-theory. These advances are required for our world view for further review. “Grand design” is the development of “a brief history of time”, it incorporates all the latest progress. Cosmology is itself, theology and philosophy of science domain, so this book is a science, philosophy and work.

in the book, hawking proposed false scene, this concept involves the concept of. In “a brief history of time” end of the article, the authors put forward, despite a unified theory and model of the universe without boundary is so wonderful, but also must face asked, “the grand design,” trying to answer the vital important problem. Before the twentieth century, physics that is independent of the observer. But modern science, especially the discovery of quantum theory, makes people have to abandon this idea. Hawking argues that depend on the model of coordination between realism and modern science. And modern science is based on the result of our life one of the four dimensional space-time. And the newly proposed M theory, is the universe theory is extended to 11 d, four-dimensional spacetime is by 11 dimensional space-time curled, that is to say, our living environment and the law of apparent is by our existing conditions are selected from the world, otherwise we can’t explain why our natural environment and the law is good for us, just as if nature for our survival in the great design. In this grand design, although the creator is abandoned, we as observers are involved.

reporter: in the book, hawking proposed many new concepts. He put forward due to the development of modern science, especially quantum theory, philosophy has been impossible to keep up with the footsteps of science, so philosophy met how confused in front of science?

Wu Zhongchao: in the history of philosophy, Descartes, Kant, poincare and Russell are scientists and philosophers. After them, especially, after the discovery of the quantum theory philosophy can’t keep up with the speed of scientific progress. Philosophical writings about time and space of the universe to theoretical physics has no meaning.

also, we have always been taught that the objective world is independent of us. But quantum theory believes that any observation will interfere with the object, in most cases, the results of observation is a probability distribution, observation intervention in the evolution of the world, and cause & other; Throughout the world &; Or & other Throughout the universe &; , we can only feel living in one of the world, which live in the world is random. In addition, in a given initial state and final state, the history of the universe is the only in classical physics, and not only is not the only in quantum physics, and arbitrary. Classical physics is the approximation of quantum physics under certain conditions. We now state (i.e., the current state of) will affect the past history of the universe, even if given the current state, then we related history must be able to evolve to the state, and other historical contribution, we also cannot detect their effects. It can be said that our current state of the past history of choice. This clearly violates the law of causation, the difference between causal disappear. Causal difference too absolute, in the classical physics are too harsh. We are also in this sense are involved in the creation of the universe. The independence of the objective world with quantum theory, and people cannot abandon the quantum theory, because it has never been violated, so we had to abandon the former.

in the modern philosophy of science discussion can also many such examples, so philosophy has not have any scientific guidance. That’s at least for now.