The villagers dig out dozens of stone eggs Sizes of suspected dinosaur eggs (FIG.)

villagers dug out dozens of suspected dinosaur egg stone eggs sizes

reporter Korean wave correspondent Liu Jialin, guoliang

recently, danjiangkou GuanShan Town villagers came across a strange thing, in digging the mountain to dig into the stone egg of some sizes, shape is like a dinosaur egg.

according to introducing, the villagers, a 3 days ago in loess beam local GuShan Village dig mountain, dug up a round stone egg, suddenly he felt strange, continue to dig, more stone egg present in sight. He took the stone egg all home. After the wash with water, he found the stone egg are spherical, mostly in 10 centimeters in diameter, dozens of different sizes of stone Mosaic egg in a piece of irregular slabs (pictured). & other; Eggshell inside and outside are all sediment quality, shell as the gray, color of loess outside shell, with a stiff brush dips in water wash the formation sand slurry. Throughout the &; Through the Internet search, with yunxian county dinosaur eggs, some think, dig out their stone egg, told online most of the characteristics of dinosaur egg fossils.

the archaeological experts think: after a careful study of shiyan museum & other; Look from the appearance and structure, this is not a dinosaur eggs, eggs should be a kind of geological tuberculosis. Throughout the &; & other; Certainly not a dinosaur egg fossil. One is the officer mountain area without eggs formation; Second, spheres have greatly small, and the tubular, suggesting that it is a kind of mineral n/med tuberculosis. What is specific mineral n/med tuberculosis, further testing is required. Throughout the &; Shiyan city land resources bureau of geological mining division chief introduction.