The west door celebrate a dozen two hundred silver just made wine excessive Yin ethos since the underlying

people’s Beijing October 29 (reporter li yan) of the Ming dynasty wanli era is really about a time when the story of what happened in this period, the fun, this morning at 10:30, jiangxi normal university, professor, vice chairman of the Chinese Ming society Fang Zhiyuan BBS’s power, to & other; The rise and fall of wanli record & ndash; & ndash; Touch the soul of the Chinese nation through history & throughout; About online communication with netizens.

jiangxi normal university, professor, vice chairman of the Chinese Ming society Fang Zhiyuan thinks, like “jin ping mei”, “three words two pat” such stories, reflect the Ming dynasty people how life, & other; That era is a very interesting time & throughout; . But also for the first time revealed the age people living standard and life quality. Fang Zhiyuan, according to prof & other; The Ming dynasty is seven magistrate of a county income is 1.9 two silver, a bear of rice. A businessman, for example, on one occasion, they asked liu pitted storyteller, a two silver is 5. West door celebrate a wine, please, just make wine is 2000 silver, this is the only tableware, prepare to eat out, just give this set of tableware to the officials, but the official is very clean, finally didn’t want to. Throughout the &;

at the time, a lot of people envy the merchant’s life (like the west door celebrate life), & other; Chinese businessmen to make money, to do business, you need a bribe officials, he also hopes to donate an officer, a few top hat, called crowned the Ming dynasty, to find his son, take an examination of the imperial examination. Businessman also want small elegant, do culture, etc. Throughout the &;

when it comes to the late of Ming dynasty, jiangxi normal university, professor, vice President of the Chinese Ming society Fang Zhiyuan mystery, & other; Extravagant was often a social climate is the underlying formation, is educated, businessmen, dramatist to play out, and then to the court, the emperor was interested in this, became the emperor’s hobby, and later became a social model, greatly expand the luxury, slowly become interactive up and down. Throughout the &;

& other; And the demise of the later Ming dynasty, are not wholly wanli throughout a person’s responsibility &; , jiangxi normal university professor, the Chinese society vice-chairman Fang Zhiyuan of emperor wanli of the Ming & other; Feel wronged & throughout; , & other; 28 years not to hold, not to say either, he also charge, but he CARES about is his private affairs, as he and Zheng Guifei son prince Edward, how can we get seats together, if not how to compensate. As a guide and mentor of wanli didn’t ability, can only let themselves go. All seek their own interests, want to live better, starting from the wanli, one side is the tax, the lack of provisions for the officer to skimp on field, on the other hand, so is the social development, economic prosperity, on the one hand, on the other hand defense forces fell sharply, 1449 & lsquo; The change of civil & rsquo; Marks of the Ming dynasty’s military strength against external lacks the ability to resist the strong attack. Then the social various aspects appear problem, and the uprising, nuzhen regime established in liaodong, completely unable to cope with the Ming dynasty. Wanli emperor and his courtiers, as well as the era of debt by the emperor to repay. Throughout the &;


the story took place in song dynasty, more than eight hundred years.

big words in the song dynasty alternated politics and years, shandong dongping fu total out of a love children, called the west door celebrate. At the age of 27, charming, versatile, marry Wu Yuenian, aged 22, is also a beautiful gentle, and temper. The west door celebrate childless, only a woman, named Simon elder sister, just 12 years old, has pledged to give the prefect’s in-laws cao Yang eight hundred thousand Tokyo imperial coach Chen Jingji for his wife, son of couple live in Tokyo. West door celebrate messuage very, in total open a sizeable Chinese pharmacy. Because of the rich, took two concubines, is ErNian lee to hear four niang Sun Xuee. On this day, the west door celebrate in purple stone street wandering, paths wu3 da4 lang2’s wife, the lotus of pan gold, immediately entranced by by beauty, so he buy the teahouse female boss claims, design to seduce the lotus of pan gold, and instructing claims to wu3 da4 lang2 with golden poison. So the lotus of pan gold marry into Simon house to wife, top five niang.

in the meantime, the west door celebrate and through the matchmaker xue sister-in-law, will be held outside of qinghe cloth women meng yu floor widow to marry to home, get a good dowry, meng yu floor because of the rich, row behavior three niang, family called meng three son.

Simon mansion, the lotus of pan gold married soon exposed her jealous, narrow-minded, eat shit to eat pointed character, and with the west door celebrate four niang Sun Xuee, ErNian hear li became an enemy. Big niang Wu Yuenian by golden girl, has put her room girl spring may grant to lotus. Spring may quickly become a golden heart, they are firmly in control of the west door celebrate espcially rights at home, cause dissatisfaction with the big niang Wu Yuenian.

the west door celebrate home has a neighbor, beggars, is the pet flower old eunuch’s nephew, is also one of the ACTS of the colour. He has a wife, li bottle son, at age 22, stout, tender and beautiful. Bottle son lee had met the west door celebrate family dinner on one side, heart of love, add flower never ate the lawsuit, soon died, bottle son is matched by the matchmaker, li xu marry a west door celebrate. West door celebrate exultation, will soon be lee bottle son married into the home. Bottle son li is very rich, add bottle son lee original housing connected to the west door celebrate, west door celebrate two will get through, to build a big garden. Lee bottle six niang son in the west door celebrate the home row of behavior.

west door celebrate in a casual dinner, phase, and the slaves to flourishing wife Song Huilian two men secretly collude together, only to flourish, threatened to kill the west door celebrate. West door celebrate great anger, design in the future prosperous sent xuzhou, Song Huilian become angry from embarrassment, hanged himself in anger.

l bottle son married into the west door celebrate family soon pregnant, cause the jealousy of a few other lady, the lotus of pan gold has grave curse, make the bottle son lee on preterm birth, giving birth to a son, west door celebrate big. And because the west door celebrate bribery officer, become a total punishment by the vice of punishment (now the county public security bureau deputy director), double happiness, and give the child the name an elder brother.

at this point, the Tokyo city west door celebrate daughter son-in-law couple, because the parties dispute avoided Yu Qinghe maiden, son-in-law Chen Jingji trust with the west door celebrate. Don’t want to Chen Jingji is an affectionate seeds, not too long, and five niang the lotus of pan gold carrying ChengGan.

the west door celebrate at home in the world for six rooms every wives, and interact with one another, and all kinds of prostitutes outside to cigar smoke, don’t need to elaborate.

bottle son since children officer elder brother li, west door celebrate in her favour, make the lotus of pan gold very jealous. A big white cat, she secretly a missed training, finally one day, a big white cat will Simon brother officer scratches to death. Lee bottle after the loss of children, and the excessive grief, white insipidus died soon. West door celebrate this complex and love Chinese globeflower, but all this is for the big niang Wu Yuenian soon learned that dark hate lotus in the heart, for the permalink for its golden fate ever since.

Tokyo city CAI butler ZhaiQian, sent a letter to the west door celebrate, want to please the west door celebrate in total for his concubines, looking for a room to have. In the west door celebrate his family in the shop of silks and satins, Korean way the man home, Korea love elder sister marry her daughter, and personally sent to Tokyo by the countries of their marriage. At the time of dating, west door celebrate man’s wife found Korea, Korean love elder sister mother Wang Liuer very beautiful, love in your heart, then through bottle son li matchmaking among nurse laofeng mom, two people meet, inseparable. The west door celebrate appreciate Wang Liuer, a happy to buy Wang Liuer buy wench and shop building, total Wang Liuer pet champions league at the moment. Korea countries to spearhead the tortoise, not ashamed, to be proud of.