The western zhou dynasty tombs unearthed bronze You memory liquid or for wine in 3000

for two weeks of shaanxi baoji shek kwu shanxi weeks tomb excavation work coming to an end.

two weeks of shaanxi baoji shek kwu shanxi weeks tomb excavation work coming to an end. On July 5, 2012, 28 bronzes were extracted. A bronze You for a boiling liquid to archaeological sites: because rule out the possibility of rain enters the bronze You, archaeological experts bold judgment, is probably a pot of wine. If the final appraisal conform to the judgment, the bronze wine will be more than 3000 years ago in the You & other; Adopt & throughout; And, more than 1000 years before the northern suburbs found that the western han dynasty wine.

bronze You tightly closed rule out the possibility of rain infiltration

at 9 PM on July 5, the archeologists start to extract north of tomb niche of bronze ware. When passing a bronze You, archaeological workers accidentally heard the sound of water sloshing, several archaeological experts listen carefully, concluded that the liquid sloshing voice from inner bronze You, because the bronze You cover along the above tanks, rule out the possibility of the infiltration of rainwater tanks. Don’t be volatile after the wine? The expert’s bold speculation that ebullient archaeological site personnel.

baoji team vice captain XinYiHua told reporters that when the ancients buried in general will be filled with wine in the wine. But as time goes by, slowly vaporize clean beauty, because this bronze You cover and tank joint, most likely & other; By luck & throughout; To save the wine for over 3000 years.

archaeology expert introduction, artificial brewing history began about six thousand years ago in China. The ancients is usually with a cloth or a toughness good paper jars flap is good, and then in the sealing mouth jars covered a layer of mud, sealing role. Unearthed this wine besides take seal processing, casting bronze wine cover are in fit and tanks.

in 2003, in the northern suburbs of xi ‘an an aristocrat tomb of the western han dynasty unearthed copper filled with more than 50 in the zhong jin well-preserved western wine and sensation. If confirmed, the discovery of the wine will be by far the earliest era of Chinese wine. Presided over by the archaeological excavations of baoji institute Liu Junshe tells a reporter, as to what kind of wine, and the content of alcohol, require special testing in the future such as to have the answers, but long time, metal ions, such as infiltration, wine may not suitable for drinking.

the graph is July 5, baoji, shaanxi were called bronze You wine (far right) may be the western han dynasty, the scene. Christy perturbation image: CFP vision China


on July 5, 2012, baoji in shaanxi province, north of the tomb niche unearthed bronze ban (lower left rectangle copper), which put on the bronze banned one pieces of bronze vessels, 1 Fang Yi You, 2 pieces of bronze, bronze along the ban is put have 1 pieces of bronze spoon and a small bronze ban, 1 pieces of bronze food, 1 bronze You You, 1 pieces of bronze POTS, 1 bronze. (one of the most the right side of the bronze You found suspected the western zhou dynasty wine.) Christy perturbation image: CFP vision China