“The wilderness survival” host “explore” fry has many fans in China

& other; In fact, this is can eat. Throughout the &; “The wilderness survival” legendary host bell & middot; Ji roth this phrase is a fan of big love, this will challenge the limit in each episode, because eat a variety of disgusting stuff is famous for its pure man was the discovery channel. On March 14, according to BBC reports, bell because contract failed to agree with the discovery channel and was fired, the news spread to China, the voice of the cause caused by a sorry on the Internet.

fired reasons: contract problem

to BBC & other; Bell & middot; Roth by the discovery channel fired & throughout; Problem reports the news, said & other; Because and bear & middot; Roth in the subsequent contract differences, the discovery channel has stopped the production activities related to his. Throughout the &; Heather Krug told the Hollywood reporter: “& other; Bell’s goal is for the production of his fans all over the world live show, in the last seven seasons, he brought for the discovery channel show at the same time, also bear the huge risk. Unfortunately, bell and the discovery channel in a new program failed to agree. Throughout the &;

as we have learned, since 2006 began as a bell survival show “the wilderness survival”, because he dared to eat anything in the program, and famous dare drink anything. According to incomplete statistics what he eat and drink in the program include a rattlesnake, worms, ants, lizards, extrusion from animal waste to the water, and his own urine & hellip; & hellip; To fans admire unceasingly, although his bell is also in the show these things make nausea vomiting, but after the return to god, he will describe these in detail & other; Food & throughout; The taste of. Therefore, when the bear was fired on the news, there are fans joke said, probably because ate contract, bell had the contract issues.

net friend calls: fast to China

“the wilderness survival” is the discovery channel on a survival show, show every time the bell & other; Lost & throughout; To such as desert, tropical rain forests, swamps, desert island & other; Wall & throughout; , bear in the various field survival skills to find a way out, all kinds of extreme cases of survival for the audience to see have a boiling passion, adrenaline surge. “The wilderness survival” had made to China’s hainan island.

what the bell on the air show surprising survival ability earned him the respect of many Chinese fans, called & other; Mr Ye & throughout; . Bear not only for themselves and the wilderness survival is famous all over the world, but also help the discovery channel to a lot of sponsorship. Mr Ye fired message in weibo yesterday hot topic, many see it as an idol of netizens feel very surprised and sorry. A fan said: & other; Does the discovery channel can also find another bell & middot; Auspicious roth? Throughout the &; Some netizens wish it found a new job as soon as possible, more netizens call & other; Bell fast to China! Throughout the &;

bell man: tiger

through the above introduction, you may already know, bell & middot; Ji roth & other; By no means a kind & throughout; That must be a tiger. In addition to the host, his identity include former special forces, karate black belt, adventurer & hellip; & hellip; Indeed, bell’s life is a legend. In 1996, the bell in a skydiving accident, three vertebrae fracture, was forced to suspend service. You absolutely will not think of, two years after he successfully climb mount Everest. Again after the bell in the case of no one to assist boat ride through the icy north Atlantic & hellip; & hellip;

bell himself survival experience for many years books & ndash; & ndash; & ndash; “Wilderness survival manual”, introduced into the Chinese market is very popular.