The word “go to the lavatory” source: in Ming dynasty, the examinee the toilet was asked in and out of respect

we know, & other; Purge & throughout; Is a commendatory term, whether it is expecting, disguised terms, hereby, or congratulations, compliment, congratulations, is the meaning of respect. So, how to also means respect & other Purge & throughout; And has the intention of lavatory toilet & other Go to the lavatory & throughout; The word pull together?

this is started from the imperial examinations in the Ming dynasty.

the Ming dynasty in the imperial examinations, college entrance examination is more strict than today. Besides invigilation is not a teacher but at the minister, light from the emperor himself walked the examination room the look, its meaning is unusual, also cans be imagined.

due to the test time is too long, the candidate need to convenient thing is inevitable. In order to facilitate management, examination room set up & other; Go to the lavatory into worship & throughout; . Everyone needs to go out convenient, want to apply for this card, on her chest, to the designated place to solve, a quick victory, after come back pay card holders.

from this brand literally, & other; Go to the lavatory into the worship & throughout; , is to respect and obey all the disciplines, light to light, quick go to quick return, shall not be loud, the interference of others. It also embodies the respect for the emperor position and respect.

although this brand is said to go out to the respectful meaning, but the brand must be used for the purpose of convenience of using the toilet. It spread to the society, everyone considers the toilet & other; Go to the lavatory into the worship & throughout; . Convenient to verbal expression, people simply gather & other; Go to the lavatory into the worship & throughout; The first two words, so, & other Go to the lavatory & throughout; Spread the word.

& other; Go to the lavatory & throughout; Since it is using the toilet, he is good at to the extension of the shit called & other; Big purge & throughout; To urinate, called & other; A small purge & throughout; , no shit urine need not be convenient to the size of the fart, it is called a & other; Virtual purge & throughout; That even the barrels of defecation, also known as & other; Closestool & throughout; . In this way, with respect of & other; Purge & throughout; Word had his meaning, toilet and bathroom together, serve the people. IfengLogo (Liu Shaoyi)