The word “I” was originally the ancient weapon Since the “book of songs” as the first person

& other; I & throughout; , it is the most common use of the first person in Chinese. In fact, & other; I & throughout; The original meaning of irrelevant to say, but a kind of ancient weapon!

on Monday to the spring and autumn period and the warring states period, is China’s age. Meanwhile, between tribes, governors for turf, interests, etc in frequent and lust. Because of the need for two armies, gain ground at the time, and all kinds of cold steel is used. It, there is a tip for the triangle, similar in shape of a kind of bronze weapons. This handheld short soldier weapon is & other; I & throughout; .

said wen jie zi “said: & other; I, the ancient words & throughout; . In ancient times, & other; I & throughout; Is used for the battlefield “. & other; I & throughout; Prevails in chow to warring states period, unified the six countries, after a rethink of the country’s weapon, sword of cold steel & other; Main & throughout; , & other; I & throughout; Gradually fade out the battlefield. From the western zhou dynasty unearthed bronze ware & other; I & throughout; , & other; I & throughout; Is general on the battlefield at the time of a kind of let a person see fright, talk about the color of weapons. And can be seen in the number of books and other I & throughout; Is a high utilization rate in the process of the conquering a weapon, the strike method of main use & other; Hook, hanging, Mr, pick & throughout; Four: it can swing hook to kill, can sweep, splitting, and the short, medium, long three kinds.

chow period in oracle, early in the oracle, and other I & throughout; Word ACTS as a kind of have many teeth weapons, it is actually & other; Dijon & throughout; Deformation, translated into today’s language is & other; No one can brave fighting the enemy. Throughout the &; Later & other; I & throughout; Words and gradually change into & other; Grain & throughout; With & other; Mr & throughout; Cooperative, meaning & other; By holding Mr & throughout; , which is a war of the mighty.

so, & other; I & throughout; How the weapon and face for the first person?

the ancient royal family a year two of the most important thing to do: sacrifice and Dijon. The so-called & other; The event, enshrined in Dijon & throughout; Is also. So, the ancient royal aristocrats are used to their tribes and clans are collectively referred to as & other; A war of people throughout the &; , i.e., & other; I was soldier & throughout; , then, as the first person & other I & throughout; He appeared. In shuo wen jie zi “said: & other; I, ShiShen since the call also. Throughout the &; In the book of songs has & other; Yesterday I in the past, willows shed tear; Now let me think, snow or & throughout; The recorded. Since then, & other; I & throughout; As the first person appellation in use today.