The world’s most expensive cognac will auction a bottle of one million

bay van der bunt show their collections of brandy.

the Dutch collectors bay van der bunt auction its collection of 5000 bottles, worth more than 5 million pounds (about 49.95 million yuan) of good wine, including the world’s most expensive bottle of connor grams of brandy.

this bottle of wine brewed by eagle jenn-air cognac company in 1795, accompanied napoleon conquest of Europe. Wine bottles, 6 litres of magnum is handblown, bay van der bunt said it might be the last bottle of this kind of brandy in the world, this bottle of wine appraisal 114500 pounds (about 1.14 million yuan).

bay van der bunt was 1990, 20000 pounds (about 200000 yuan) from a Chicago collectors buy this bottle of wine. As rich Chinese and russians began to entrance into the city of wine, has grown five times the value of this bottle of wine.