“The world’s most ugly” death buried after 150 Has been called “MAO” (figure)


 activists hope paster Lana can get living has no dignity


activists hope paster Lana can get has no dignity of

Beijing, Feb. 14 (xinhua) the BBC reported, a former exhibited in Europe in the 19th century, called & other; Throughout the world’s most ugly woman &; Indigenous women, died in about 150 years later, Mexico was buried in his hometown in her body.

Julia paster Lana has a genetic disease hirsutism, face covered with hair, so as in the circus show & other; Monster & throughout; Performance.

a: Julia has died in 1860, after the death of her American husband put her body coated with a preservative, with the body travel around, finally arrived in Norway.

after a lengthy protest and sports, this week, Julia buried body was brought back to Mexico.

on Tuesday, an endless stream of people heading to tin, state of ley, watch the Julia’s funeral, her body was placed in a white coffin, filled with white roses.

tin state governor says lupu, imagine how Julia had endured the inhuman brutality, her life is a story with dignity.