The world’s oldest creatures died after a 507 – year – old clam by scientists open shell (FIG.)

it was named & other Ming & throughout; The clams in live to age 507 by British scientists pried open shell killed.

& other; Ming & throughout; In Iceland was found in 2006.

according to the British “daily telegraph” reported on November 13,, a new study has found that, the world’s most old biological age larger than previous estimates of more than 100 years old. Unfortunately, the 507 – year – old & other; Age & throughout; Mollusks have accidentally killed by scientists.

this is called & other; Ming & throughout; Clam is a kind of deep sea quahog animals, the researchers in 2006 from the north Atlantic seabed fished out it, and then placed in a freezer for follow-up study. However, when the researchers to analyze it and pry its shell, & other; Ming & throughout; Signs of life gradually disappeared.

the university of bangor, a Marine scientist Paul & middot; Butler said: & other; We calculated for the first time is wrong, maybe when we are busy to publish our findings, a bit hasty. But now we can absolutely sure we have the right number. Throughout the &;

is less more than 100 – year – old

by counting the number of mollusks grow on the inner wheel, the researchers initially estimate the astonishing results, & other; Ming & throughout; There have been 405 years old! The result has been got the certification of the guinness book of world records. Now scientists admit that they made a mistake, and now they think should be better than the original conclusion more than 100 years old.