The writer wrote “exquisite” warfare Retell the official records are the road to the northern expedition

northern soldiers at the gates in wuchang prepare for before the attack./xinhua for figure

writer all living in wuhan for 50 years, have never thought of wuchang city is there before. Until one day, she was in the senior Shi Ying family’s backyard, saw the Wu Changcheng remains a bit of the wall Angle. The history of peer experts tian-yu feng said a sentence & other; Is this really the walls of the old Wu Changcheng brick & throughout; Touched a nerve of all sensitive, a flash: originally Wu Changyou city.

the perceptual knowledge, stimulate the female writer in wuchang siege warfare. From 2006 to start writing, to the Wu Changcheng eventually published by people’s literature publishing house, a history has gradually been forgotten once again displayed in front of the contemporary readers. Although the novel is the art of fiction, but a lot of details in the novel is based on a large number of folk memoirs, has historical value, this kind of writing also provides a is different from the unique perspective of the official, unique and exquisite interpretation more into the woman.

female writer’s & other; Exquisite & throughout; Warfare

& other; Actually, I write the novel, from the beginning is the idea of the novella. Of historical atmosphere is bad, I’m afraid your scene description of war is not true, don’t mean to write long. Throughout the &; Indeed, history is not all about war field. Reviewing her personal works, started with the poet to female writers of earlier works such as “open”, “the age of 18 March”, “the shore jiang”, “contains”, “flowing” and so on, mainly about young people’s life and psychology, the later novels such as the spring came to haze shenyang is focused on describing the survival of the underlying character, depicting humiliated ugly morbid life, analyzes the weakness of human nature, exploring the meaning of life.

all about the history of the city, began her work in recent years to lushan mountain to see the old villa, “hankou the vicissitudes of the past” and “hankou on loan” of writing. Based on the investigation to the many historical data, the history of the wuchang for female writer opened the horizon, also let she realized some thrilling stories have been buried by time.

in 2006, all the thought of writing “Wu Changcheng”. After reading the memoirs about wuchang battles, she began to write. In October that year, she wrote & other; Siege & throughout; Part of nearly eighty thousand words of medium-length, published in the journal zhong shan, but due to the length is too long, inconvenience, reach a not.

& other; After completion of novellas “Wu Changcheng article is guarding city after my brother look like, think it can be written as long. After his tips, I also feel can be written as long. But, it is in the original guarding city on the basis of increasing the content of the siege and other characters and the plot, or start a separate written siege? Think twice, I think keeping original siege the integrity of the article, in addition to write a siege novella. The same event, by two independent but again there is a certain correlation of medium-length, may be more interesting. People standing in different positions, will have different understanding and feeling to the same event. Readers can also from many angles to observe and to experience such a war. Throughout the &; All said.

in 2010, the review was conducted again all the historical data, including & other Throughout northern expedition &; Such as between the oral history, including,,, and tang sheng-chih spread eyewitness oral; When published in wuhan and hubei city people memoirs on some of the literature and history data; Still have very precious, it is all the information provided students YiLuMing as far afield as vancouver, have between YiLuMing grandfather and tang sheng-chih spread to the northern expeditionary army eighth army captains, into Wu Changcheng for the front line, YiLuMing also offered all twelve fourth army of the northern expeditionary army teacher teachers chang fa-kwei memoirs and political department director dengyada’s hand Li Jiezhi memoirs. Then, all start again write “Wu Changcheng”, for the original & other; Siege & throughout; Continue on the beiyang army in the city & other; Guarding city & throughout; The story.

if the novel & other; Siege & throughout; Yeh ting independent regiment is revolutionary, particularly as death squads battered sad stories, so & other; Guarding city & throughout; Article reflects the beiyang army in & other; Moreover & throughout; , swing between military duties and mercy of hungry people in the city of pain and helpless. Different from all other writing about grand military themes, all of the Wu Changcheng adopted the writer unique exquisite emotional expression and story details description, and the history of the city, all the wuchang in the Wu Changcheng became victims of life experience and inner monologue.
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beats is painful and tragic

the story begins in the northern expeditionary army & other; Aside all the way up north, winning the repeatedly throughout the &; The joy of the atmosphere.

on July 4, 1926, to complete the premier sun yat-sen’s wishes, the KMT central temporary plenary meeting was held in guangzhou, through the declaration of the national revolutionary army northern expedition, stating reasons for its decision to northern expedition to overthrow the beiyang government. Tuan chi-jui government has collapsed at this time, the beiyang government control in the hands of serve department headed by Peiping warlords. Lineal warlord wu p ‘ei-fu three provinces and hebei, shaanxi, henan, occupy the same and controls the hankou-beijing railway. Southeast of five provinces is separated from the immediate and big warlord sun.

on July 9, 1926, the national revolutionary army commander in chief of Chiang kai-shek took office rate in guangzhou east tinker pledging. The official start of the northern expedition. On the tactics, Jiang Wei countries always think of the “the unity of the national revolutionary war history: the northern expedition” (volume 2) has the following account:

total eight revolutionary army troops, a total of about one hundred and fifty thousand people, and the warlords forces (seven hundred and fifty thousand), six to one, weapons and equipment in the northern warlords forces as poor. Better but the morale of the revolutionary forces, training, discipline, battle force, so the same unit is superior to the warlords forces.

the national revolutionary army headquarters, based on the condition judgment, under the situation of great disparity in the against the forces of, must adopt various blow out of the scheme, and target of selected first effort, in three warlords, wu, sun, zhang to strike out the advantageous in the wu p ‘ei-fu department. & hellip; & hellip;

established this policy, the revolutionary forces in the first place to wu p ‘ei-fu presence of hunan, hubei. In hubei three big battle, TingSi bridge, the revolutionary army sweeping He Shengqiao two service, repeatedly to conquer the enemy defense, in his book Wu Changcheng, author did not make positive description on TingSi bridge, He Shengqiao two servants, on the contrary by two students ROM and Liang Kesi desire to follow the northern expeditionary army to the south of eyes, saw the potential of the beiyang army back. But the atmosphere in the last battle of wuchang in hubei battle disappeared, even the final siege victory, but it is painful and tragic.

& other; Siege article & throughout; In the story, independent regiment sacrifice became the object of all prime: independent regiment soldiers under, to the Wu Changcheng almost all death ray.