“The xiangjiang first wit” conner: split personality is my skill (FIG.)

someone says tsao looks like Anthony wong, just belong to the writing world. As middle-aged men in Hong Kong, both for his outspoken./Lin Jinlu taken

tsao formerly known as Cao Jie, originally from guangxi, left Hong Kong newspaper family background, in the UK for 16 years. Now Hong Kong writer and media workers. Studies, reviews management.but, hit the nail on the head, known as the & other Xiangjiang throughout the first wit &; Said. Conner of writing, including society, politics, current affairs, literature and art, gender, etc.

tsao has today & other; Throughout the first wit & Hong Kong; Said. This is for the creator of the name. Tsao laughed: & other; For at that time is a head of a commercial station, he told me to do a show called “top light”, I hold as & lsquo; Hong Kong’s first wit & rsquo; . I smiled and said to him, at that time & lsquo; Would you help me to offend many people. & rsquo; & lsquo; It doesn’t matter, propaganda. & rsquo; Many scholars like this reputation, is a superior, the first painter, is on cloud nine. The somebody else say so, of course I can’t believe it. Many people thought it was me in boasting, in fact not, I put the title as a joke to listen to. Throughout the &;

conner, formerly known as Cao Jie father 曹骥云 before retirement is deputy chief editor, da gong bao mother Chang Tingting is the editor of da gong bao. Chang Tingting just entered in the 1950 s, da gong bao marxism with jin yong in the same study group.

in the 1960 s, 曹骥云 back from “da gong bao cotton harvest, the good news. Every summer and winter vacation, father will bring the son back to the mainland, tsao saw a sea of red. Father in the friend is educated, da gong bao liang, rover, (, Li Zongying often together. & other; They are very knowledgeable, sometimes about art, music, history, family education I accept as a child, a little different with the Hong Kong general child. Throughout the &;

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that’s da gong bao people’s communes, staff children play into a ball: go to the dining hall meal da gong bao, table tennis, travel together. Tsao has many opportunities to come into contact with the President FeiYiMin da gong bao, he recalled: & other; FeiYiMin is the old Shanghai style, often wear a suit, & lsquo; The cultural revolution & rsquo; Very active, with little red book to protest against the government, privately he have fellowship with the government. Because he is learning French, Shanghai concession when diplomats, so he is sleek. He is very polite child, met you once, definitely remember your name. Throughout the &;

at the age of 17, tsao studying in the UK, studied English literature at university of Warwick. After graduation to BBC news, overseas work, at the same time, in the university of London school of economics (lse) read the diploma of international relations. Tsao think British culture affect life: & other; I am 20 years old to more than 30 years in the UK, and I read English literature, is able to enter the world of British culture. A person’s values, including the concepts of democracy, freedom, human rights is shaped in youth. Throughout the &;

in 1991, jin yong to accept the title of academician at Oxford University, the BBC conner to interview him. Two people talk about a few times, tsao is the child of 曹骥云 Jin Yongcai know. Jin yong back to Hong Kong, please give the Ming pao tsao instead. In 1993, tsao should call of jin yong, back to Hong Kong from Britain. Jin yong is ready to quit runescape, conner to overseas Chinese daily for six months. Jin yong’s information, please conner “Ming pao” deputy editor. Tsao want to press the jin yong’s set policy, new will overhaul the experimenter. Conner said: & other; I think this is a generation of take out the people of Hong Kong, how so shallow, little. Throughout the &; To jin yong said: & other; I’m sorry, I haven’t been able to complete your mission. Throughout the &; Then tsao as Oriental daily.

on September 15, 1994, Oriental daily shuttle bus at two o ‘clock in the morning to send staff to Tsim Sha Tsui, usual tsao always sit in the front and that just had a foreigner colleagues are fat, tsao let him sit in the front. Bus into the old kai tak airport tunnel, a drunk man driving a Mercedes is headed in the wrong line, right against the face come, subconsciously twist the steering wheel to the right a bus driver, that sitting in front of the foreigners killed immediately. Tsao sit behind not wearing a seatbelt, internal bleeding, because he didn’t shout pain, bed was put aside in the hallway, a trainee doctor, see tsao face was very white, give he took my blood pressure, only to find that is wrong, first aid immediately. Surgery for the whole day, retrogradation tsao the dead. Conner said: & other; In this world there is a fate it. Throughout the &; After rehabilitation, tsao in Oriental daily as the lead, as tom.com publishing consultant until 2003.

at the beginning of the new century, tsao day to write seven columns, he think lucky: & other; Layoffs everywhere, when the press of unemployment is very serious, and the Hong Kong newspaper just right in the face of a big turning point, the impact of the computer network, many papers are closed. Hong Kong’s cultural foundation began to collapse, the generation of jin yong are retired to the portrait, we their 30 s and 40 s generation succession. This generation grew up in the colonial education, do not have the feelings of the Chinese, like jin yong’s history view, Chinese and English is not very good. I was lucky, I stand down. Throughout the &; As for the day 7 column method and tsao explanation: & other; Have a plenty of writing theories in guangdong dialect, have a plenty of written in the role of women love, some writing culture, some write international, divided into different roles. Media people are suitable for when a sage, as jin yong said & lsquo; Don’t experts, sage. & rsquo; , international current affairs, philosophy, diet, ancient and modern, Chinese and foreign consumption, mahjong all want to know a little. From academic theory to the river’s lake wisdom, all want to understand. Throughout the &;

the elder & other; Xiangjiang throughout four wit &; Jin yong, yi kuang, chua lam, huang zhan, tsao tip: one by one and other Their characteristic is very successful in the market. Talented useless, to establish a dialogue with the people, to be popular in the market. Huang zhan lyrics, have very strong characteristics of lingnan culture, the warp and woof of his Chinese poetry is very good, he always very appreciation. Chua lam met the 60 s of China, Japan, nanyang star, rich experience. Yi kuang, more experienced a period of the republic of China era in Shanghai, the mainland and Hong Kong. Now young people always stay at home do & lsquo; Otaku & rsquo; , it’s no use, drill into the computer world, not to be. From the republic of China, jin yong generation escape hard, learning widely. They many yuan, write anything. So, we don’t see & lsquo; The big four wit & rsquo; The process of name to see their form. Have freedom of speech, writing, and, from the four their talents. Throughout the &;