The young mother imitate TV kill Net friend: film and television play profits should be graded

on April 2nd, a 14-year-old boy who imitate the drama of the plot to kill mother was sentenced to life imprisonment; Last November, a seven-year-old girl in guangdong due to follow “princess huanzhu” hanging the swallow died; In real life, many teenagers have to imitate the film and television works, smoking, drinking, fight, even tragic incident & hellip; & hellip; How to avoid the bad influence? How to guide the youth to watch TV dramas? Reporter conducted an investigation for this, let’s listen to a net friend, readers and experts.

young mother to imitate “coronation street” kill: teach your child to respect life

case: childhood obsessive violence of Nottingham county 14 young Daniel & middot; Bart ram in April 2011 to imitate the plot of the famous British TV series “coronation street”, to the hammer to kill sleeping mother, after taking sleeping beside her mother’s brother, set fire to the mother’s body. The case sentenced in April 2, Daniel was sentenced to life imprisonment, must serve at least 16 years. After a police investigation found that Daniel from the age of eight began to watch horror movies violence, worshipped in the TV series “coronation street” killer John & middot; Who’s. In the TV series, who was killed a woman with a hammer, and will be discarded her remains in a car accident scene.

Internet voice: & other; Heart is flying a front & throughout; Said: & other; Terrorism, violent content too much, now it wise to let the children watch less as far as possible! We also should give their children a good education and guidance, this is our parents should pay more attention to. Throughout the &; The net friend & other; Momo” Said: & other; Film and television violence is chronic drug, can let a person indulge, especially for teenagers also don’t know right from wrong, parents should be sympathetic. Throughout the &;

experts prescription: network & other; Psychological online & throughout; Hin consultant Howard said: & other; In youth violence crime, many spiritual motive is out of the so-called hero worship, these people by robbery, murder and so on, is not just for material possession, the harm of others, most of the time and the feeling of strength, certainly, to gain self-esteem. Violent drama is for adults with the ability to judge. We should let children try to stay away from the plot of the film and television play to violence. Usually the best for their children to speak more cherish life story, help children to form good respect in the fear of life consciousness. Throughout the &;

learn bao zheng Zha die 7 years old children’s response: parents accompany the momentum boot

case: guangdong girl at the age of seven small fang liked “princess huanzhu” inside the swallow, see the little swallow hung lens but not died, then with friends play hanging at the factory in November after death; In 1995, anhui chaohu a children imitate “bao zheng” inside the lens, resulting in a 7 years old children died & other; The blade & throughout; Under; A mother said in February this year, their children to steal the watch GongTingXi “the bourne identity” deep palace, and learn to kiss the camera inside, in the elementary school classroom will actually kissed a boy, the boy cried to his parents satisfied & hellip; & hellip;

readers voice: Mr. Wang said after 70, they have to learn as a child in the martial arts films of climbing experience of jumping from a high wall broke his leg. Miss zhao, 28, said: & other; Now a lot of cheating GongTingXi by teenagers, let people don’t believe in this world there are good, worrying! Throughout the &;

expert prescription: national psychological consultant Du Cuigong told reporters that how to make TV children real mentor, the key lies in the parents will & other; With & throughout; Children, help children choose programs. Immediately and see kissing scenes, if in Taiwan, the hide behavior, but can make children have reverse psychology. Actually can discuss with children, tell the child it is a warm and affectionate, like a mother’s love child, even to take this opportunity to give children a kiss, said: & other; Mother loves you & throughout; .

follow smoking scenes cool response: try to put an end to bad camera

case: 38, please according to the citizen, one day in the home, he found that 11 year old son, blowing a cloud in his bedroom. After a scrutiny, just know that he is have a TV series, and other Kids think it’s so cool, so he bought a cigarette with my classmates. Throughout the &; Reporter investigation of a few net friend also said that some of the film and television play is considered by teenagers & other Cool & throughout; Lens, is often imitate, such as smoking, chow yun-fat the fighting scenes in the series, etc.

Internet voice: & other; Ji-fei wang WJF” Say, & other; This is terrible, TV drama exerts a subtle influence on the minors, last February, the state administration of radio will notice strict controls of the smoking scenes in the film and television works. Throughout the &; The net friend & other; A proud little brook & throughout; Said: & other; I imitate harry & middot; Potter ride broom, result didn’t fly. I think parents should guide children to see TV dramas. Throughout the &;

the personage inside course of study: director wanli said, & other; We don’t have film classification system, but we should have a moral responsibility showman. Whether & lsquo; Young and dangerous & rsquo; Or bad shots in the film and television, treats the cure. Our directors, writers, actors should be from the source to prevent and minimize the lens. At the same time, relevant departments should formulate relevant policies, laws and regulations, purification, film and television market in broadcast time, content, quantity to a certain limit, the negative influence to control. Throughout the &;

according to “Chinese”

& other; Report & throughout; Bad lens together things

either with a hammer to kill mother of the young, or suicide jump pond left a suicide note to cross to the qing dynasty in fujian girl, or imitate the princess huanzhu, commit suicide by hanging, died of the swallow guangdong girl & hellip; & hellip; These tragedies are children a side effect of the content.

is weak, love to imitate, rich imagination, judgement is more significant commonality of children. Many dramas are all the rage for adults can produce subtle influence, let alone the innocent children. In order to give the child to build a better growing environment, readers can be animated films, TV, movies and other Unsuitable & throughout; The lens, such as the plot & other Report & throughout; To this, our newspaper on some readers to address the concerns of more concentrated, published and reported to the parents and children alike. Readers related content can be sent to the email address:

tragedy is surface prism

& other; Happy families are alike, but unhappy family is unhappy in its own & throughout; Are similar, perhaps, by extension, comedy, tragedy, a variety of interesting. Tragedy is like a prism, reflecting the life of different side. Analysis of the causes to imitate the film and television works and the tragic events that cause, we need to think, reflect, also have a lot of improvement.