“There would be no new China without the communist party” creative play


in 1961, to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the founding, cao Mars stadium in tianjin to command the masses to sing” there would be no new China without the communist party “.

there is a song, fly out from the taihang mountains, across the mountains, the mountains, plains in China on echo & hellip; & hellip;

& other; There would be no new China without the communist party, there would be no new China without the communist party. The communists toil for national, he may save China & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &; In October 1943, the year the 19-year-old cao Mars in Peiping fangshan district XiaYunLing township village wrote the first in the class there would be no new China without the communist party, simple lyrics, hot melody expresses the feelings of hundreds of millions of the People’s Republic of China.

a month ago, ten octogenarian together in tianjin heping district between south garden, they are all the people of north China a early member of a drama club. See former comrades, the old people like children smile, holding hands proudly singing his comrades in the creation of “there would be no new China without the communist party”.

86 – year – old xue-ming zhang told reporters that he was “there would be no new China without the communist party of the first singer: & other; In 1943, I have several other comrades, and Mars together singing songs in a teach a drama club. After this song is written, everyone is like, I sing to you listen to, and then teach you sing, the village children followed we learn to sing & ndash; & ndash; Now these children are also 60 s old man & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &;

in the old people’s soulful narrative, cao Mars creation process of the song clearly in front of us.

s later, as the song put a & other; New & throughout; Word

cao Mars formerly known as Cao Shi, in October 1924, was born in hebei province ping shan county town of gangnan xi-gang south village. In 1937, & other; The July 7th incident & throughout; Broke out, the north China plain, the Japanese imperialists ruined cao Mars study road to a halt, with his zeal for national salvation, to participate in ping shan county anti-japanese JiuGuoHui farmers, took to the revolutionary road. In the same year the ping shan county youth federation for resisting Japan and saving the nation a propaganda (i.e., & other; Iron throughout a & a drama club) As actors, music team captain. In 1939, during the period of the north China union university art college created the first song “the battlefield”.

in 1943, cao Mars’s iron a shifted the shanxi-chahaer-hebei border region anti-japanese association of a drama club leadership was renamed the masses a. A drama club This year has special significance in the Martian life cao: in April, he joined the communist party of China in glory; In October, he and his comrades day base held the anti-japanese propaganda, to create a “there would be no new China without the communist party” this masterpiece.

the year the Anti-Japanese War entered the sixth year, China has from strategic defense to attack. In march, to publish a white paper on “China’s destiny”, put forward & other; Without the kuomintang (KMT), there is no Chinese & throughout; . To this, the communist party of China published titled “without the communist party, there is no China” editorial.

read the editorials, cao captures the Mars. He said in the article, & other; I wrote this song is moved feeling. Anti-japanese base areas of the broad masses of the people under the leadership of the communist party, adhere to the Anti-Japanese War, to overcome all obstacles make democratic construction, make the people are masters of the country. Land reform development production, to the people’s better life & hellip; & hellip; The fact of life is I can see that the people’s Anti-Japanese War enthusiasm, to the deep feeling, I have experience. Without the communist party how to fight to win situation? Without the communist party how can have today? Throughout the &;