Thousands of “fuck” surnamed people claim to cao cao Does not marriage with Cao Bai jiang three surname

longevity lake many & other; Operation & throughout; Surname man, claim to cao cao offspring

longevity lake have a family, their name is very rare, many people will read wrong, they had to often such corrective & ndash; & ndash; & ndash;

& other; Fuck Japan & throughout; ! The name, do you remember? It once night red network, many netizens think the name, let a person have a boiling passion. Anyone of that name was a freshman of nanchang a college class of 2012.

& other; No fuck last name in the book of family names. But in chongqing, we have such a family, name is held, and people a lot, there are thousands of people. Longevity and the family, in the beautiful lake. Throughout the &; A few days ago, a keen to name the readers call this newspaper said, however, the name is not read & other; (1) & throughout; , but read & other; Fuck (four tones) & throughout; .

last name as a unique cultural phenomenon, is usually maintain blood contact link in China. In the familiar & other; Throughout the book of family names &; Hides behind, but also about 4000 not common surname and 20000 little-known surname.

they are living in cloud longevity longevity lake many & other; Operation & throughout; Surname man, claim to be descendants

town, more than 1000 people. Claims and cao, white, jiang is family, each other not marriage

it is said that life always meet so few call what elder brother, & other; Fuck brother & throughout; , did you? & other; No fuck last name in the book of family names. But in chongqing, we have such a large family, is surnamed cao, and people a lot, there are thousands of people. Longevity and the family, in the beautiful lake. Throughout the &; A few days ago, a keen on surname name the readers call our newspaper said.

22, chongqing morning news reporters to longevity lake gathered on the town, for you to explore on the outside of the top of rare surname family secret story.

The position of

they are living in longevity lake

about & other; Operation & throughout; The information provided by the surname, the reader is not much, only know in changshou district gathered around town, surnamed fuck a lot. Gathered near lake scenic area and the longevity of a few minutes’ drive away.

& other; Know the name is cao? Throughout the &; Ask people in the street. & other; A lot, but now I don’t know where they are. Go look on the datong, two water bridge village, where the land is surnamed cao, literally knock on a door, can be asked. Throughout the &; How can I get a big village? Is to ask the way. An old man said, he gave us to lead the way, coincidentally he name is cao, now live in the town. Can toward his name is cao, 82 – year – old home is near the two water bridge, was the cao family of accounting.

& other; Adjacent two villages, more than half of people surnamed cao, more than 1000 people, we are family. Throughout the &; Fuck the said.


into the city after being called the awkward

in the village to spy on just know, speak to the old man & other; The house & throughout; Mainly composed of farming.

50 years old fuck long yuan, has been farmed in hometown, now is the secretary of the village party branch and village committee director. Nearby people know the name, he says, has been called so. But outside, will have some weird things.

for example, they went to the town to open to prove, to find the relevant units, said his name is hold, which is a lot of people don’t understand words, some simply write on the paper & other; Manufacturing & throughout; The & other; Build & throughout; Word, asked whether the name, when is your & other Gymnastics & throughout; The & other; Operation & throughout; Word, each other will show surprised expression, & other; The name, never heard of! Throughout the &;

in longevity, cao surname don’t read, and read the four tones. Fuck ever show that went to college, in chongqing, you know the meaning of the word have call names. She in college, the students saw her surname, smiled and asked her, especially foreign students so call, she feel uncomfortable.


name is according to the word generation take

hold show said, indeed in the outside, people sharing the rarely met. Because of the village, the vast majority of people farming in the home, the family name is not known to the outside world. Yourself a surname in the outside meet strangers, are generally very surprised.

& other; But the whole town, chongqing, and even the whole country and the outside word generation are not random. Throughout the &; Cao yong xiu said, his name is to take out according to the word generation, themselves & other; Yong & throughout; Word generation. In my hometown, there is hardly a single name. Father told her, fuck home has 60 words.

60 words, is 60 generation. She belongs to & other; Yong & throughout; Word generation, belongs to cao surname 15 generations. Chongqing now living cao surname, is the highest degress & other I & throughout; Words, there is a. The name is in the 16th generation in longevity. May be the reason for the surname is less, if encounter racket outside, than who are friendly, generally people will ask the other side of the word.

she also know through newspapers and network & other; Fuck Japan & throughout; The name. & other; If he doesn’t word generation, know the name of his father, will know that your generation. Throughout the &;

Sources of

cao cao offspring? Can’t confirm

hold family name has been long life? Fuck long yuan to reporter to the hills, set up a stone there, every tomb-sweeping day, people have to sacrifice the name & other; Fuck day & throughout; , also known as & other; Fuck the koga & throughout; The deceased. & other; He is the ancestor of our chongqing, the first chongqing operation name is man. Throughout the &;

hold long yuan, said cao surname in wulong and about 100 people, but from the long side of the past. A generation of the family, Fiji word that is single, to where the offspring after wulong.

there is an argument, artificial cao cao cao surname descendant. & other; We are not sure whether cao cao descendants. Throughout the &; Fuck to $9 provides a cao’s family tree. In the preface section, has confessed to the surnames, and monuments, called & other; Fuck day & throughout; People about. Legend quarter and dying testament: I hold the first name is ji fa ji fa after generation, zhao take an examination of the male descendants of the tenth of the third generation of twenty-seven, because the patriarch social status at that time, the book without a LanCao, wonderful unique solution, the public is ready and said its QinCao home, his descendants to hold the name.

hold nine yuan said, from generation to generation, there are two. Another way is Cao Hecao is the same last name. One theory is that there are operating, white, jiang is the same surname, the ancient is 3 brothers, then change the name. Can’t prove that such statements, but until now, they don’t always follow the racket intermarriage, and cao, white, three jiang surname man never marry. Recorded in the genealogies of the 15 generations, there is no people make this taboo.

as to the source, they also want to history, the surname of the depth of the research can provide help, new family tree can be published.

hold name all previous dynasties celebrities & gt;

the sui dynasty hold tiancheng: according to the history of 24 sui history records, fuck tiancheng of mount Kilimanjaro also known as operating division, province Yang county (now jiangxi province Yang). Sui end, in 616 AD, JieGan uprising, compromised yu zhang county, since the yuan xing wang, shixing jianyuan. His name has been included in the dictionary in China.

modern fuck’s famous personage: anhui huaining people exercise ball, modern famous educator in our country, the pioneer advocate of education theory and practice in our country.

contemporary relatively well-known cao surname later generations: fuck learn honesty, by the central vice minister of the propaganda department, graduated from anhui tongcheng school. Fuck Jing, editorial director of vogue magazine, 2001, editorial director of vogue China fashion, domestic one of the best fashion editor; Fuck chicken harp, journalist (reference news newspaper); Fuck countries, youth landscape painter.

chongqing morning news reporters Ren MingYong

yesterday, the 82 – year – old fuck can toward the reporters he cao clan in the collection of the spectrum.

chongqing morning paper reporter hu jie taken

interesting name & gt;

daily necessities sauce vinegar tea is name is

& other; Daily necessities sauce vinegar tea & throughout; The seven things are seven surnames. Chai Xing has a wide distribution, last name, oil is lisu name, more than the name of shandong province; Salt is in jiangsu, sichuan and other places have distribution; Sauce is the source is unknown, Taiwan has the name; Out in shanxi, sichuan, Taiwan, Shanghai, chengdu and other places have vinegar surname; Tea as a surname have if (cha), tu (tu), yunnan tea is more, about 95% of the national tea name of population.

the fewest strokes name

the fewest strokes surname for & other; Throughout the &; , as the lisu surname, most of the words is cross surnamed & other; Group, sichuan Mr. Wood Sue him, only more & throughout; .

& other; Throughout north and south, east and west &; Name is

in fujian, jiangsu, tianjin, hebei provinces and cities more east surname; Guangdong, liaoning west surname; Henan, liaoning, shaanxi, gansu, shanxi, hebei, zhejiang south is more. North is relatively rare, in baotou, Inner Mongolia, shanxi travels, tongjiang, hainan qionghai in sichuan, Beijing and other places.

& other; The up and down or so & throughout; Name is

on is tujia name, guangdong, henan, shaanxi provinces more name. The summer was surnamed the common writing. Left is more common, right is yi’s name, chongqing, and hunan provinces.

according to the Yangtze evening post