Three emperors “fans” : in the northern song dynasty was self-absorbed eventually cease

the northern song period, playing sports in the city of city kaifeng is very popular, at the time, not only people like playing football, even courageously face at ordinary times the emperor became a veritable & other; Fans & throughout; . Song MAO, Zhao Guangyi and was just in the history of the northern song dynasty famous & other; Fans & throughout; To speak of their emperor, will play story, is also very interesting.

the northern song period, the capital kaifeng popular there are two main types of ball games, a call & other; Cuju & throughout; , and now the football is essentially the same. & other; Cu & throughout; Is playing, & other; Bow & throughout; Is a kind of leather as shell, full of hair inside. The second is called & other; Strike bow & throughout; , or call & other; Hit the ball & throughout; Riding on the horses, it is a game ball rod. The city at that time, in kaifeng, play cuju this activity is the most popular among people, song taizu is cuju, Zhao Guangyi and was like.

the song MAO song taizu and song taizong Zhao Guangyi originally is a military man, like sport, see a play not only can exercise the body, but also can bring infinite pleasure, then, will play as a work of the major sports and recreational activities. Song taizu became emperor after, still with his brother Zhao Guangyi and Zhao Pu Shi Shouxin etc. A few people to play together. They are in high spirits, the butterflies. Later, there was a painter of playing them draw down, the picture is the name of the song MAO cuju figure, characters vivid, lifelike, very competitive.

is more worth mentioning & other; Fans & throughout; The emperor was. Was not likes to play football, but he love watching the game. Was watching the game, so, he established a professional team in the palace, this is a paid national team. Was, in his birthday every year on this day, military baiguan birthday, after team to a football match in the palace, in order to meet the love to watch the game on his mind. And was politically incompetent, the athletes on the court, was also wrong orders. Was prescribed, the team in the game, win a prize, and the losing team captain (then called & other; Ball head & throughout;) To get whip and painted the face with off-white powder. This unreasonable punishment method, it is said that is not the invention was that it was before the house of the command make high Qiu gave him a bad idea.

song taizu and Zhao Guangyi just play with the ball as a hobby, and not delay the work. Was is a plaything weary in well doing, he play ball to play with his calligraphy and painting play women, self-absorbed, held up in a real job, as a result, the northern song dynasty perished in was fun.