Three girls wear hanfu was sent home to go to school Said to pass the hanfu culture (FIG.)

in the classroom, the students are curious about the hanfu Hu Chen

Hu Chen wear hanfu after corridor

& have spent

In the early morning yesterday, weibo appeared a called & other; Li state throughout high school near through female &; Weibo, become the focus of forwarding, comments soon.

this tweet comes with a set of photos, the protagonist is a looks like a cute girl, her in the inside of the costume film big clothing, casually walk corridor outside classroom, with a glass of soybean milk and a rice dumplings.

beside her, surrounded by a large group of students, looking both surprised and excited.

but the girl may not have thought of, after a sensation, to meet her will is what a dramatic day.

three girls wear hanfu school

See reporter bow bowing to

see weibo, reporters to yongkang state high school. This is a private middle school, the locals say, & other; Teaching quality is good & throughout; .

during recess, a reporter, found the & other; Through the female & throughout; .

she name is Hu Chen, (2) class of students of senior three, cut in a neat bang head, the skin white, according to the classmate say, her usual silence.

reporter saw Hu Chen, she is still wearing his strange clothes, but it looks pretty lady.

a meet, Hu Chen hog hands, bow bowing, elegant and generous, the reporters overwhelmed at the moment.

at this moment, the edge of onlookers classmate xi xi ha ha fry pan, and even chanted & other; Through la & throughout; .

but Hu Chen behaved calm: & other; Today I’m wearing a hanfu, belongs to the wide sleeve curve fringing, is one of the dress in han dynasty costumes. Throughout the &;

she slowly sit down, attitude and even can be called elegant. Then she hid her hands into wide sleeves, on the leg, it’s very statecraft.

brewing for a long time in advance

hope to introduce students to the hanfu culture

Hu Chen told reporters that the hanfu is dad bought her from the Internet.

& other; Parents know that I like hanfu, just get me down, when sent to the start of this year. Throughout the &; Hanfu tuan800, received on the same day, she is wearing out of the door, but even feel a little strange, my parents suggested that she don’t wear out.

this will wear hanfu to school, also Hu Chen while their parents go out to work, after brewing for a long time to make decision.

on Sunday, Hu Chen wear hanfu back-to-school, & other; Sitting next to on the bus, there are those who talk I’m Japanese or Korean, and asked if I was to act. I said to them, I’m from yongkang, I’m wearing a hanfu, not kimono of Japan, I also told them that is hanfu spread to Japan, there is the kimono. Throughout the &;

keep discussing around Hu Chen the in the mind not the taste, also confirmed she was wearing hanfu determination to go to school. Yesterday, the first time she in this costumes appeared in front of the teachers and classmates.

she doesn’t want others to use & other; Through & throughout; To describe her, but hope someone asked her why she dressed like this, & other; So that I can introduce some of the han culture to the students. Throughout the &;

school teacher & other; Send & throughout; Her home to change clothes

university said & other; Have in dealing with this matter & throughout;

Hu Chen mind apparently didn’t impress her state secondary school teacher and leadership.

the student management office lu teacher tells a reporter, the school agreed to the idea of a Hu Chen hope Renaissance hanfu, but can’t let her wear hanfu school.

& other; She wear hanfu to school, many students of onlookers, considering the fear of affect her own and other students of normal learning, we let her leave home to change clothes. Throughout the &; Lu said the teacher.

at noon yesterday, the reporter once again came to the school, a teacher tells a reporter, Hu Chen in other teachers & other; Accompanied by & throughout; Go down for lunch.

10 minutes after, the reporter contact to Hu Chen via text message. Her reply message said: & other; I have already on the way home, the teacher drive me home to change clothes, for some reason I can’t chat with you, I’m sorry. Throughout the &;

after, she never reply information.

then, reporters call surnamed li state school shao head, he became very excited, & other; The school has been in dealing with this matter. Throughout the &;

say that finish, then hangs up the phone.

school asked her don’t go to school in the afternoon

girls night street wandering alone

starting at noon yesterday, the reporter can not contact anymore Hu Chen & ndash; & ndash; The phone went unanswered, text messages and never looking back.

until 8 o ‘clock last night, yongkang daily counterparts to contact via text message on her.

tuan800, school teacher after her home, call her don’t have to back to school in the afternoon, stay at home, then go to school the next day.

but she was afraid, afraid to stay at home alone, and from home by bus came into the city, has been wandering aimlessly.

tuan800, they have think well, going to the relatives who lives in one night. After that, she never return messages.

around half past eight in the evening, the reporter found that her phone is power off.

Yongkang city bureau of education

if other students to wear clothes to go to school

also strange

for Hu Chen wear hanfu, yongkang city bureau of education studies a surname yellow section chief says, no one has yet to report this matter, he don’t know whether the event is true.

yellow section chief says, the student code of conduct required students to wear neatly, but no provisions can’t wear hanfu or other clothes, & other; None are major provisions can’t wear hanfu, neat and clean. Throughout the &;

but he said, maybe the school has a regulation, to restrain students dress, & other; It is possible that the school can accept students at such dress up, the need to further communication. Throughout the &;

and a staff in yongkang education bureau, said although the hanfu does not belong to the clothes, but if other students to wear clothes to class, qin also very strange.

zhejiang province education department

hanfu count costumes questionable

& other; Students to wear hanfu to school, had not heard, there are quite a few students may not wear clothes, but the hanfu is not outlandish, open to question. Throughout the &; Zhejiang province education department based education is oblong day John Paul said.

he tells a reporter, hanfu as the ancient Chinese traditional clothing, more is certain festivals and activities, students wearing is unprecedented in the daily class.

& other; If the school think that wearing inappropriate, can communicate with, in the case of not delay learning students in ordinary dress. Throughout the &;

school should correctly guide

rather than a mandatory change

the original jinhua city second people’s hospital, director of the center for psychological counseling, the current education of psychological consultation center director ShiChengSun held Beijing yobo has his own opinions on this matter.

& other; If you encounter such a thing, don’t use their own subjective consciousness to look at other people’s any behavior, wearing, and language. Throughout the &; ShiChengSun said, everyone’s personal values, must learn to tolerance.

he think, first of all should go and Hu Chen communication, understand is what’s the story behind her wear hanfu, if she is to want to promote the traditional culture, also is a good thing.

& other; School if afraid cause disturbance between students, or influence, after can be in communication with her, correctly guide her, tell her in what situations or appropriate to wear hanfu, rather than a mandatory change. Throughout the &;

ShiChengSun think perhaps schools require rules, are not allowed to do STH unconventional or unorthodox, but should support the students’ innovation spirit and courage.

wear hanfu school how

after watching the news, the in the mind very not taste.

wear hanfu, appeared in public in many places is not new, although li state secondary school and education department staff & other; Unheard of & throughout; But this is not to stifle reason.

we should suspect that a student safety in disregard, it & other; Enforced isolation & throughout; And let it alone late at night school. We should believe that Hu Chen love hanfu, traditional culture is from the heart.

I have a friend, also love hanfu, because of this, she chose the industrial design major at college, after graduation, she will love Chinese traditional culture into the design, at least, I think is very beautiful.

her hometown in anhui fuyang, a than jinhua & other; Senior & throughout; In the city.

education should be inclusive, say for years & other; According to their aptitude, and improve the occasion & throughout; , how can be a little hanfu, a young girl was scared?

in this case, the heart more strange than hanfu. Our correspondent Dai Lu