“Three kingdoms” into the university of California, Berkeley school attaches great importance to the Asian culture

a few days ago, the university of California, Berkeley student organization DeCal announced on its website, the popular board game in China & other; Three kingdoms & throughout; Formal & other; In & throughout; The school in the fall of 2012 elective curriculum. As news release, showing interest in quite a few students, some students said they would & other; Seconds kill & throughout; The elective courses.

& other; Whether you want to read the romance of The Three Kingdoms, and is often a lot of call do not go up to the name of the academia. Then come with us in class, to enter the Chinese historical and cultural tour, attend a & lsquo; Murky killing & rsquo; And play a with the same & lsquo; A wily old fox & rsquo; The game player! Throughout the &;

at the university of California, Berkeley student organization DeCal on its web site & other; Marketing & throughout; With & other; Three kingdoms & throughout; The elective course.

school attaches great importance to the Asian studies

according to its website, the DeCal is a student at the university of California, Berkeley, education project organization. The group aims to help students establish and set up a variety of courses, many of which are some unconventional interesting courses, research on “the simpsons” and the philosophy and so on. These and other Tide class & throughout; Many are founded by students themselves, so each semester draws from 3000 to 4000 students to participate in the organization.

, according to course introduces DeCal with & other; Three kingdoms & throughout; Related courses are included in the contemporary oil painting appreciation, the global disease research such as 82 recommended elective course. Like other serious elective course, the course also has a good name: & other; Explore the three: classical Chinese novels and three kingdoms board game & throughout; .

course introduces also describes, in 184 AD to 184 AD, wei, wu and shu warlords regime, starcraft zhongyuan, & other; In The Three Kingdoms & throughout; Hence the name. & other; Our main purpose is to stimulate more students’ interest in Chinese culture. This period plays an important role in the history of China, describes the history of calligraphy since project is jasmine, big to the film and television works such as “red cliff” small to & lsquo; Speak of the devil & rsquo; Verbal idioms, such as the influence of The Three Kingdoms is everywhere. So open the optional courses is an important way to study Chinese culture. Throughout the &;

the Chinese doctoral students have classmate told our reporter: & other; First discovered that the information is a Chinese students to come this summer, others are all don’t know, said after watching the original and the resources, feel very novel, have said to & lsquo; Repair & rsquo; . Throughout the &;

once students learn is & other; Throughout Asia &; Has always been a strong research at the university of California, Berkeley, direction, and other East Asia relations is very important research and to estimate related professional undergraduate students will take the classes & throughout; .

three teachers teaching

this optional courses will officially start on August 30, this year, how long will last for 14 weeks, class time is every Thursday 17 to 19. Trevor & middot; Zhou, in Ann & middot; Wu, Kathleen & middot; Pan three teachers who will do together. Once classmate told our reporter, it sounds a bit & other; Shocking & throughout; , but in fact the course content is to tell the history of The Three Kingdoms period, and put this period of history with Chinese contemporary popular culture. & other; The main way to learn the history with the help of books, movies and games. Throughout the &;

this optional courses in one of the four great classics as the cornerstone of the romance of three kingdoms, students through lecture, reading, writing of substance, discussions and activities, such as ways to learn this period of history. Discussion topics will cover many of the significant events of The Three Kingdoms period, such as the yellow turban insurrectionary uprising, yun3 qiao series of stratagems and battle Xiao pavilion, etc.

students must also submit a paper after finish class, optional topics include five options, for example & other; Compare the differences between three kingdoms and other three topics of popular culture & throughout; , & other Talk about The Three Kingdoms is how to combine with the romance of The Three Kingdoms, including warrior skills, characteristics, such as card set & throughout; . Therefore, & other; Three kingdoms & throughout; Elective course is not a door & other; Play soy sauce class & throughout; .

due to the course only 30 elective number, and cannot be in online courses, the first day of the first class to 30 people can succeed & other; Win & throughout; .

& other; Believe on August 30, that day there will be a lot of students crowded into the classroom, maybe the European and American students also want & lsquo; Na invasion & rsquo; . I suggest Chinese students course to a first & lsquo; Three kingdoms & rsquo; , lost classmates & lsquo; Discharge returned & rsquo; !!!! Throughout the &; The school master’s students Cao Dong such predictions.

& other; Three kingdoms & throughout; Filling stunt

according to & other; Three kingdoms & throughout; The rules of the game, the students can the three characters play when the game squaring off, each role is equipped with different weapons and abilities, such as zhuge liang has & other; Observers throughout the &; And & other Empty city skills & throughout; , all the characters and randomly divided into master treacherous court official, loyal, and mole four categories.

the elective course is an introduction, according to 60% of the students grade is determined by attendance, 15% comes from class discussions, paper grades are accounted for 25% of the total grade.

it seems to have classmates, & other; Three kingdoms & throughout; Just a gimmick, enhance your learning interest courses itself is not a professor game skills, but China’s historical and cultural connotation.

to know history to play a game

& other; We Chinese students all circles to play this game already bored, all too familiar with each other, so often surf the Internet to find a stranger to play three kingdoms kill online, but the server at home, sometimes network themselves, because the time difference, sometimes hard to find so many people online at the same time. If there are more students in Europe and America to join us, can let them understand China, also can make our study life more colorful. Throughout the &; Cao Dong smile said.

according to Cao Dong, he already had a & other; The house disciple & throughout; . The Australian classmates have the kitchen to see Chinese students in the dormitory to play & other; Three kingdoms & throughout; And try a pair with interest, but will soon want to backpedal, & other; Characters and skills too complex, simply can’t remember, even if is a don’t understand the history of The Three Kingdoms, Chinese students to learn the game also is not an easy thing & throughout; .

now with this optional courses, Cao Dong decided to encourage the female disciple go to class. Understanding of The Three Kingdoms history, after the beginning of the game will be easier.


“star trek” course

“star trek” film in the United States has a lot of fans, the Georgetown university so opened called & other; Philosophy and star trek & throughout; Of course. According to the school website, “star trek”, is a philosophical and film full of myth. Philosophy professor will discuss with the students in “star trek” metaphysical ideas, such as time travel possible, the relation between mind and brain, and people are able to transcend death, etc.

zombie class

in June this year, the United States several times & other; People bite & throughout; Events, & other; Zombies & throughout; Rumors spread. The university of Baltimore to open & other; The zombie class & throughout; . Students enrolled in this course will watch 16 zombie movie, and reading a large number of zombie comics. The final exam, the students write a zombie script or draw zombie comics. University of Baltimore is not the first zombie programmes in schools, the famous Columbia University zombie courses many years ago.

Lady Gaga class

exaggeration, dressed weird Lady Gaga has enough & other; Shocking & throughout; And the more & other; Shocking & throughout; Is that the university of California opened called & other; Lady Gaga and celebrity sociology & throughout; The elective courses. This course will focus on the star and famous experience as a case, and then through the sociological theory is analyzed. Responsible for the professor of this course is Lady Gaga’s faithful & other; Fans & throughout; . (von zhonghao)