Three thousand years ago, scientists say the mummy feces or can it cure obesity (FIG.)

United States team at the university of Oklahoma the study of the mummy

a few days ago, the scientists said in the treatment of obesity and other A panacea & throughout; Perhaps hidden more than 3000 years ago in a mummy.

according to the report, the use of antibiotics is one of the causes of obesity is so common today. It can change the bacteria in the human body structure, change of internal environment. Therefore, scientists think that a viable therapy is to inject some existed in obesity patients before the advent of antibiotics and other Bacteria & throughout; , i.e., & other; Throughout ancient bacteria &; . While & other; Throughout ancient bacteria &; Is one of the origin of the mummy’s internal organs.

by the research team at the university of Oklahoma and the mummy from the tomb of the soil of intestinal extracted & other; The ancient feces & throughout; Found that the DNA of the bacteria in the stool is now similar to bacteria. As a result, the researchers said: & other; We concluded that the preliminary assumption is that chlorine water and antibiotics fundamentally changed the structure of human intestinal flora. However, by injected into the body & lsquo; Ancient bacteria & rsquo; Advantages and disadvantages to treat obesity ideas can not be speaking out of turn, but there is no doubt that this is a topic worth studying. Throughout the &;