Tianjin do conjoined bill a “local tyrants” married female him (FIG.)


tianjin do conjoined money near value him netizen shocked: unheard of true domineering

a few days ago, a tianjin & other; Local tyrants & throughout; Married daughter, creative USES the cash money as him nearly a cylinder connected, value easily do, eye-opening. According to people familiar with the present and numerous netizen has, newly married wife money is abundant, the fuli center in addition to tianjin, Beijing changping him a dowry of several real estate, millions of cars, etc., is the most amazing 99 tube sheet of the money and the moral & other; Everlasting & throughout; , each equipment in the cylinder is without tailoring, together real dollars. In addition to the Chinese renminbi conjoined notes, there are a lot of precious foreign COINS, unheard of ordinary people. And the wedding guests are generally & other; Specifications & throughout; Higher, according to the net friend & other; Dazzling than diamond simply & throughout; Weibo, according to the bride classmate on the wedding day of the class give a red envelope amount up to 90000 yuan.

bouquets of RMB ten thousand, 400 marriott, the amounts of 8.88 million and 10.8 million cash & hellip; & hellip; By the local tyrants are escalating wedding & other; Dou rich & throughout; Long blind eyes netizens, the supposedly already & other; Normal & throughout; , but many are these & other Hot, together money throughout the whole &; And to hype surrounding & other; Mother-in-law & throughout; The shock. The conjoined money do dowry & other Local tyrants & throughout; Wedding in just a few days, will trigger a weibo and each big BBS netizens, in the face of these most people did not even seen a limited edition see attached notes, netizens in surprised, can not help but have said spell dad spell mother have to spell mother-in-law, money much heavier than those who are better than the money & other; Big & throughout; .

as netizens @ food dish food girl lx said: & other; 18 unheard of, long eyes. Throughout the &; Many netizens are conjoined notes novel showed intense curiosity and doubt, & other; When the genuine conjoined chao, I didn’t know! Throughout the &; & other; How money out of this? Semi-finished products don’t? Throughout the &; & other; How can a family is to collect so many conjoined chao & throughout; And more netizens are calling, & other; This is home to cut yourself? Throughout the &; & other; Buy breakfast time still have to cut much inconvenient & throughout; .

however, there are a few net friend & other; A bargain & throughout; . The net friend @ XFANS_April pointed out: & other; Conjoined money exists, can be purchased through most of the people’s bank & throughout; , the net friend & other; Ivan water, & throughout; The exclamation: & other; Conjoined money! I le a go, absolutely worth more than 10 million & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &; In fact, conjoined bank note is legal tender in the country, issuing bank authorised conjoined bill would pass. It is understood that China area in recent years gradually released more than 30 varieties of conjoined chao, and abroad there is part of the money into the domestic rare issue connected, while no ordinary people to see, but money is strong & other Local tyrants & throughout; Want to have it is not difficult to ascend heaven. In addition, conjoined money belongs to the legal tender issued by a state monopoly, cutting illegal secretly, and the issue of multiple conjoined chao varieties, compared with comparable prices all have different range of appreciation, and so have a knowledgeable person laugh, said & other; If laid open to use, it was bought with money to buy Chinese cabbage, kui dead! Throughout the &;