Tim yip: the film a bit decline lost the power of the ’60 s

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just begin to do movies, it’s not too like, because there are some things in the movie and I don’t feel consistent. Until do [rouge], it contains the culture for the first time I feel, I was into a different realm in the modern world.

so, I began to try to put the film into another world masterpieces, state of mind of choose and employ persons to reconstruct image, looking for a new expression.

the expression to metonymy. Metonymy means, it is not this stuff, but through some form it into this thing.

is like saying that mei lanfang was a man, he can pass his look, his voice, his performance, turned themselves into a woman. We see a man to do a woman, but at the same time we also see a woman express her feelings, this shows his performance and spirit have been integrated, this is what I want to do.

I have a foreign friend, can you help me with a lot of stage. He taught me how to deal with their bodies, how to turn their body into a universe, the concept of a whole.

China’s chair, for example, it has to do with people’s physical, but also satisfy people’s spiritual needs. When you sit in the chair, you will was under control; When you touch the chair, the design concept of it all as if you are on the way to explore the time.

I have a friend often scolded the people who make sofa, they said to sit the sofa after a person lazy. A change of perspective, is your body become more and more old sofa, art also is such.

the Chinese actually age the spirit, because he long time contact with some of the things that make his young, such as practicing kung fu, learn knowledge. They talk to the body, like chat with friends, there will be more than one in real life is a kind of pursuit, we call it faith. Chinese people pay attention to simple, exquisite and elegant, pay attention to the vigor, is the soul in a state of a kind of very relaxed and very free, and with the full state to meet life.

these years, I have a very strange idea: I can only use I am very real, not thinking method, and the real outside communication. I think that modern man has been pollution was about, from its own limitation, shallow, clinging to the something, question, hobbies, all one’s senses. So, they show it is selective.

the audience is very interesting, they actually want to see new things, like picky you again. But picky when no formula, no advanced theory, just to say & other; No & throughout; , he thinks he is recognized authority. Oddly, however, if you want to really design according to his idea, he felt very boring, and will continue to pick your thorns.

do a typed style for a long time, I also feel very tired. So I want to return to the 1960 s, the vitality of retrieving image style of that age.

the film art in the present a little decline, lost the power of the 1960 s. No matter what you do, it is only a tool to build atmosphere, there is no real language, there is no moral.

because, now the film itself had a lot of difficulties, the story was very novel, approach to make the public is willing to buy a ticket, after the movie, they also like it, can’t scold. A film production to take care of every aspect, cost is more and more big, the creative space is smaller and smaller, many ideas can’t reflected in the movie. Film has become a entertainment is too strong, and the audience is not to offend. Can’t offend the audience, what can not be expressed that, so the final state is flat.

in the art, what is very personal things, is associated with feelings, also has to do with your life. So artists really must pull away from the reality, to enter the art world, the process, is doomed to be the most lonely.


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