Time magazine’s annual best photography Exposing human rights corruption dark (FIG.)

in March 2012, the United States time magazine section of photography & other; Lightbox” Born a year the whole, in order to celebrate the one year anniversary, & other; Lightbox” Specially invited the edit selected this year thought the best photos, and comments.

Kimberly Rivera and her son in Toronto home. Rivera moved to Canada, so you won’t because to Iraq and separated with my family.

picture deputy editor Paul Moakley said: & other; This is the earliest LightBox works, it has become the standard of we push work every day. Eugene Richard’s work “War about everyone” (the War Is the Personal) recorded the emotion and soul of countless people, which shows the great strength of photography Is considered a classic. See this photo, the casualties in the war, but has not been reported people always lingering in my mind, is they let me know how to live well. Throughout the &;

3, Eric and his mother, grandparents and two brothers live in California in a mobile home, here are the foreign staff farming. Grandmother regularly with Eric walked two miles to the local community center to get free food, so I can save home only $350 a week.

director of photography, Kira PollackJoakim said: & other; Joakim Eskildsen pictures of this group represents the poor American society become one of the most poignant work year. Eskildsen works out across the United States, five states its sacred portraits, and the landscape works is various, but is full of human nature, just like a lamp to illuminate the dark corners that people often forget.