Titanic director Cameron intends to carry out the planet mining project (figure)

Cameron mining projects and have big plans to carry out the planet

according to the British “daily mail” reported on April 20, the earth’s natural resources consumption after the completion of multinationals to outer space exploitation of raw materials, it sounds like a Hollywood movie plot. However, this kind of science fiction stories maybe in the near future can become a reality. By the famous American director Cameron et al., co-founder of the company is due to be published in 24 a bold plan & ndash; & ndash; To the asteroid mining.

& other; Planetary resources & throughout; (Planetary Resources) of the company’s investors include Cameron, Google executive chairman Eric & middot; Schmidt and former Microsoft engineer, etc., they plan to aviation museum held a press conference in Seattle in 24, announced details of the space program.

the company has two goals: one is the exploitation of natural resources, the second is to carry on the exploration of space. They want to sell the raw materials of mined from an asteroid back at the same time, new trillions of dollars to the global GDP. Company announced that they have to create a new space industry, but also give & other; Natural resources & throughout; A new definition.

famous space entrepreneurs dia di also involved in this project. Earlier this year, he said in an interview with the media & other; In the natural resources in the supermarket, the earth is just a piece of bread crumbs. Now, we can finally have access to resources from outer space technology, can need not excessive plundering the earth’s resources, for the benefit of mankind. Throughout the &;

the expert points out, an asteroid might contain a lot of water (planet internal frozen water), oxygen, and metal, we can not only bring the material back to the earth, can also use the planets to shuttle refueling, even build space stations, help mankind to explore the world more distant space.