To mark the one hundredth anniversary of the old aug10: power and people’s inner harmony said

this year on August 2, is the teacher Mr Ji one hundred aug10. Previously, I listen to knock the shandong linqing royal Alfred chuang village. Teacher’s hometown people and government built the solemn rest high-minded garden, where teacher, Jenny, and family ancestors rest in peace together. Teacher finally returned to the side of her face mother.

childhood paddle pond, standing in the teacher standing under the teacher when climbing the tree, out of mind is compassionate eyes teacher in his late years.

throughout his life, teacher is a professional scholars in higher education institutes, are engaged in professional little-used to rare the world know, pure to several smokeless internal heat. However, the teacher is a man of true temperament, big feelings. He once said on numerous occasions: & other; Since the “patriotic did not dare to later generations, even if I burn into ash, every grain of the ash is patriotic. Throughout the &; Because of this, the state and the future of national & other; The grand question & throughout; Has also been a teacher to think of objects.

late in life, in particular, teacher basic in the people’s liberation army 301 hospital, for home, both physical and material conditions, are not allowed to mentor a professional academic problem study lifelong love, his thinking is more focused on the two & other; The grand question & throughout; , the idea is not restricted by purely academic, and its significance is no longer limited to the scope of pure academic.

is first & other; Power to learn & throughout; . In the face of burgeoning & other Chinese hot & throughout; , the teacher’s mood is mixed. Be loosely classified as & other; Traditional Chinese & throughout; Name of the revival of the traditional excellent culture, teacher is happy to see, of course. But the teacher thinks, revival and carry forward the traditional culture should not be confined to & other; Statue of the worship & throughout; . About shortly after stepping into the 21st century, the teacher began to think, uncover & other; Power to learn & throughout; , clearly put forward: & other; & lsquo; Traditional Chinese & rsquo; Is China’s knowledge, is Chinese traditional culture. Throughout the &; Teacher noticed that the understanding of traditional culture is debated, unable to agree. Teacher said & other; Power to learn & throughout; Not since the late 19th century academic advocate narrow national studies, in which there are two main difference between.

the first, the teacher thinks, advocate today & other; Traditional Chinese & throughout; , not to restore old & other; Statue of the worship & throughout; , but to the history and culture of the Chinese nation real full picture. Therefore, & other; Power to learn & throughout; You must include the excellent culture of the Chinese family of 56 nationalities, and colorful regional culture in addition to the central plains. Second, & other; Power to learn & throughout; Should be included in the long history of the Chinese nation, to learn from other ethnic groups, national, regional, cultural, such as Buddhism, since the late Ming dynasty to western ideas, such as mass introduced to various theories of ideological trend in modern times.

we can see clearly that the teacher & other Power to learn & throughout; Is and his own more than one jia, is closely related to the achievement of academic research, not forced said. Unfortunately, however, the teacher in this aspect’s opinion doesn’t seem to get the present soaring mania into the era of understanding and acceptance. The current & other; Chinese hot & throughout; , basically not only confined within the scope of the traditional Confucianism, still alarmingly surge up a less rational nationalism and cultural populism. This is must be alert.

some scholars such as Mr Xing-chang song said: in recent years & other; Chinese hot & throughout; , although have very strong & other; Reflection & throughout; Means, but it was already full of strong breath of metamorphosis. Teacher & other; Power to learn & throughout; Put forward of the concept, marked the beginning from the end of the 19th century, was forced to accept the transformation of Chinese culture and academic work, has entered a new phase, the Chinese culture and academic has get rid of the position of passively receiving, enters the new period of cultural and academic consciousness reconstruction. This with previous & other; Critical & throughout; With & other; Accept & throughout; There is a very different tone. Mr Xing-chang song for teacher & other; Power to learn & throughout; The wonderful implies is worth quoting: & other; Power to learn & throughout; Both neither can take to become sclerotic and directionless-the fiefs of conservatism, also can’t take criticism down with radicalism, should be both inheritance and transcendence, in multicultural atmosphere, go the way of accommodation between Chinese and western culture, to create a new culture system in conformity with the spirit of the age. Therefore, the so-called & other; Chinese hot & throughout; Is should & other; Hot & throughout; In the national spirit and cultural integration in the world, should not be exclusive. Readiness to restore ancient ways or are not properly resolve the tension between traditional culture and modernization and globalization of attitude; Only to truthfully and objectively realize the old and the new cannot be separated from the fact that the ability on the basis of through thousands of years of culture to grasp the essence, to conform to the development of modern society and modern way of life of reasonable interpretation and creative transformation, at the same time in the development of national culture is the vision of globalization. On the one hand, Chinese culture should take what attitude into the world culture, and contribute to world peace and harmony. World culture has on Chinese culture, on the other hand, participate in solving contradiction and conflict in the 21st century human faces with expectation. Only straighten posture, accurate positioning, can build real & other; Power to learn & throughout; .

Mr Another thinking is & other; Harmonious said & throughout; . Teacher to & other; Harmony throughout the &; Thinking has a seems to be unnoticed background, that is Chinese leading Mr Mu before his death in Taiwan, put forward the most valuable Chinese culture, and is the most able to contribute to the world & other Nature & throughout; View. Teacher often said: & other; I like tao yuanming four poems, in fact, this is my motto in life, i.e., & lsquo; Longitudinal wave flow, don’t like also not afraid. Should do and must do, not after the sole worry! & rsquo; I think this poem is fully shows the natural thought. I think & lsquo; Let it be & rsquo; The most truth, not to conquer the nature, nature can’t conquer, can only be nature and humanity. Speaks with natural friendship, equality, mutual respect, not to speak to conquer, who conquered, all is wrong. Throughout the &;

teacher in his later years, have been thinking about this question: what is the essence of Chinese culture? The teacher answer is: & other; Since the ancient times, China has advocated & lsquo; Harmonious & rsquo; , & lsquo; Ceremony, harmony, first Wang Zhidao for beauty & rsquo; . The great concept of harmony, is our Chinese nation gave the world a great gift, I hope the world can accept our & lsquo; Harmonious & rsquo; The concept of, so, our global village can be quiet a lot. From the traditional Chinese culture, we do not speak the jungle. Zhang said: in the “western inscription” & lsquo; The people, our compatriots; , and I also. & rsquo; The people are my brothers; Things, including plants are my partners. This is the thinking of China. & lsquo; Harmonious & rsquo; This concept, to help the people all over the world to understand each other, respect each other, love each other. Throughout the &;

however, I found a lot of people ignore an important point, that is, the teacher advocated by & other; Harmony throughout the &; There are three levels: interpersonal harmony, harmony between human and nature, inner harmony. Now a lot of people & other; Harmony throughout the &; View is limited in the first two levels, rare someone attention to & other; Harmony throughout the &; The real foundation of & other; Inner harmony throughout the &; . And it is this & other; Inner harmony throughout the &; And make the teacher returned to the starting point for thinking about the problem. Teacher as a century old man, also admitted that he is also a & other; Sophisticated man & throughout; , know & other; Inner harmony throughout the &; The difficult is not easy. There is a teacher and friend when it comes to this problem, good-natured’s teacher instantly became more serious, slightly anxiously said: & other; Harmony is a kind of culture. Is nature, I have to say everybody unity, one individual, and three levels, be short of one cannot. And personal unity is very important, about an individual’s self-cultivation. When elementary school, I attended a course, called & lsquo; Cultivate one’s morality & rsquo; . Cultivate one’s morality, terms, governing the country, flat world, this is the Chinese traditional moral ideal. Throughout the &; Teacher has always been in favor of, in old age is a special emphasis on & other; Do as you would to be done by & throughout; . In his mind, this is & other; Harmony throughout the &; The starting point and by the way.

west to the teacher for two years, I believe, think seriously about teacher’s thinking, is the best memory and memory.

(the author is professor of history at the fudan university)