“To the people of” beyond four Liu Huang field review of exotic writing life look forward to getting home

Liu Huang field, falling leaves, a circle is written in words to life.

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Liu Huang tian said: & other; I want to make life into a circle. I walked a circle, like a coincidence, the geographical position is the same, but the position of the thought is not necessarily the same. Suffering, I never don’t care. Come back, I am going to convert to my home, this is born I keep my place, I want to experience again. If can, I want to show her; Can’t, I would silently watching her. Leave for too long, I still blankly, at most write surface impression; Major issues of the society, I have no voice. Q last regret, is that painted circle is not round, I hope I can draw circles. Throughout the &;

& other; My life is like a circle, half the time living in China and the United States, now back again. Throughout the &; Since 2011, contemporary writer Liu Huang field settled in foshan, regrets life wonderful.

Liu Huang field from the orthodox education revolution. In 1966, graduated from high school is preparing the university entrance exam, & other The cultural revolution & throughout; Momentous upheaval, the university entrance exam to cancel, Liu Huang field since then stay make & other; The cultural revolution & throughout; , & other; Did not take part in the warfare, but very active throughout & fights; . & other; Nonsense & throughout; Two years later, Liu Huang field back to their hometown & ndash; Taishan & other; Drought tamura & throughout; .

in the countryside, Liu Huang field accidentally come into contact with many world famous. Friend turns out to be in guangzhou in a village primary school teacher, in & other; Combat readiness evacuation & throughout; Movement is escorted back, luggage with a lot of banned books. Liu Huang field memories: & other; He is quite a good poet. Throughout the &; Liu Huang tian uncle cultural center director do one district in guangzhou, also like reading, when & on the other; Capitalist roader & throughout; Later, send my nephew a lot of books. Immersed in the classics, Liu Huang field with a completely different world as before, Tolstoy, Roman & middot; Roland, turgenev, Heine, pushkin, Goethe & hellip; & hellip; Liu Huang field to write poetry.

seven years in the country, the real fields only a year, the rest is in the village school as a teacher of run by the local. School is located in the ancient temple group, 22 Liu Huang field when the head teacher of class for high school, students are only a few years younger than he is. At the beginning of the reform and opening up, Liu Huang field you want to see the world outside. Her parents in the United States through legal procedures for Liu Huang field a apply for a visa. In 1980, Liu Huang field carrying more than one hundred kg luggage, two children by his wife hold a pull a, a family through the shenzhen the lowu footbridge. After the customs, the Liu Huang field carrying luggage ran far away will dare to look back, for fear of the offcial overtake & other; Wrong is wrong, back to back & throughout; . In Hong Kong waiting to go to America for a month, Liu Huang bumped into a bookstore, a day reading a book under the air conditioner. Books can literally see, this desire for a thought liberation the temptation to young people, is bigger than anything.

a family in San Francisco, Liu Huang field to learn English, in the Chinese restaurant scullery, revenue of $six hundred a month. Liu Huang field to the United States the first feeling is that things are cheap, more than one hundred dollars a velvet sofa, a television more than two hundred dollars. Liu Huang tian rented at the beach in a modified underground garage, lived for five or six years later, bought their own independent house.

the political atmosphere is loose. Once walking in the street, & other Liu Huang field; The revolutionary workers throughout the communist party &; Men in distributing leaflets, propaganda & other; The gang of four & throughout; How great, save the toiling masses all over the world. Liu Huang field seized a chinese-american women members ask: & other; You come here, I give you a debate, you say & lsquo; The gang of four & rsquo; So good, have you stayed in China? Throughout the &; Women members fear Liu Huang field will begin, slipped away immediately.

in the restaurant for help in a year or two, Liu Huang field and a friend who wrote poetry goes into a restaurant and then to work in a large hotel, the large banquet, do more than 20 years, until retirement. After settled, Liu Huang field can enjoy reading, he is especially like Taiwan literature, then more and Wang Dingjun, love these MingChongYiShi senior writer became good friends. Liu Huang field began to contribute, in one of the most written-about & ndash; His coarse calculated & ndash; Paid almost earned $ten thousand, but still can’t to survive: & other; Wang Dingjun can support a writing in the United States, others can’t. Throughout the &;

Liu Huang field contributes to the Chinese language newspapers have the world journal, sing tao daily, qiaobao, etc. In 1986, The Times, the founder of Huang Yunji Liu Huang field to while part-time translation, please. 38 Liu Huang field one day to do two jobs, hotel work, immediately drove to The Times, XuanGao, translation, editing and proofreading, layout. & other; This is how my English learning. Translate English into Chinese can also, which in turn can’t. Throughout the &;

inspired by Taiwan modern poetry, Liu Huang keen to write poetry, like love, [and], 痖弦 work, a good personal relationship is JiXianHe than the horse. Liu Huang tian said: & other; Ji string is a fairly pure poet, willfulness, romantic, will always be a child. Attend to city before dying, passing through San Francisco, we asked him to drink tea, ji string: & lsquo; I have a important discoveries, cent two kinds of people in the world, one kind is love poems, one kind is not love poetry. & rsquo; Attend to city: & lsquo; Yes, we are a class of love poems. & rsquo; Throughout the &;

1995, Liu Huang field don’t write poetry, the reason is that hate don’t feel hard to write. But writing poems is for him & other; A good training, and can extract image, for poetry prose is virtually done & throughout; . Write essays for many years, Liu Huang field is known as & other; Us-based four everybody & throughout; One, he said the undeserved reputation just & other; Hype & throughout; .

in the United States, Liu Huang field can not help miss home. In the late 1980 s, he was excited to express back for the first time. Ten years ago, when my daughter through college, Liu Huang field began considering returning to settle down. Now retired, couples choose to settle in foshan, because relatives and more here, convenient to look after.