Today’s agent also bumpy sad: family complain about being used without a sense of security

was once a marriage counseling for many CIA employees marriage counselor Elizabeth & middot; Sloan. (file photo)

in Hollywood movies, the special skills and charming agents always cars beauty company, work love. In real life, however, is far better than the movie true and cruel. Recently, the central intelligence agency (CIA) is an agent of his wife filed for divorce to the court. The American media through special channels to get the court documents, a rare opened the mysterious veil of CIA operatives marriage disclosure agents marriage & other; High-risk & throughout; State of all kinds of unknown frustrations and bitterness.

complain become & other; Tools & throughout;

fredericksburg, Virginia filed for divorce woman who lives in the United States, more than 30 years old, her husband is a CIA agent. The woman told the court that her husband’s work & other; Poison & throughout; The five years of their marriage.

according to U.S. media reports, two people associate in a year later, the man told the woman only real career as a spy, further inquiry and not willing to answer her. After five years of marriage, the agent, on grounds of national security regulations, almost all questions about his career at his wife refused to answer.

the woman wrote on submitted to the court testimony & other; He took advantage of my daughter and I cover for his work. I have no sense of security, do not know exactly what the other person, why are interested in us, why want to use camera to us. Because of his special nature of work, I never have a normal network can be gained trust and support. Throughout the &; The woman also complained that her husband never care about family, also not to help share the housework.

in 2009, the man suspected of family violence and intimidation, cause the police intervention. The last wife or abandon prosecution, because worried that her husband lost his job. But as time goes by, long under a state of tension and suspicion wife suffer from persecution paranoia, almost unbearable under she eventually filed for divorce in 2011.

maintaining relationships is not easy

by the woman’s narrative rare American agents veil marriage life. A former CIA to work more than 20 years of paramilitary senior officials have told the American media, a few years ago, he heard a CIA divorce rate & other; Surprisingly high & throughout; .

some in Washington who provide services to CIA operatives couples marriage counselor and divorce lawyer said, although some agents divorce case about an affair or money, but all the divorce case without exception, is affected by the agents work.

& other; Some agents say with his wife, so & lsquo; When I was in a job you know these things will happen, why do you now want to complain about? & rsquo; Throughout the &; To more than 75 agents provide marriage counseling Elizabeth & middot; Sloan said, & other; The couple’s marriage exists uncertainty, because the secret is one of the agents work. Throughout the &;

now engaged in writing in California’s former CIA agent Robert & middot; Bell said he had rely on as a secretary at the state department’s first wife and three children to befriend with informants, so that they let their guard down.