Tokyo artists “organ in feeding will” contentious (FIG.)

hold & other; Organ in feeding will & throughout; Activities of Tokyo and in a certain field (Japanese television screen screenshots) website.

Beijing, June 3 (xinhua) the BBC reported that Japan’s multiple size media reported on Saturday (June 2), a Tokyo and in a certain field May 13 held a & other; Eat people part & throughout; Activities, presided over the activities of a claim to the artist’s men are currently faced by Chinese fir and the district government and police to resist food hygiene law of the investigation of the situation.

according to the field of management company, the man apply for renting space in April said: & other; Hope to hold a give the guests to eat from the proper way to get abandoned throughout the human body parts & medical institutions; , the management company that no illegal content, agreed to rent.

on May 13 in the evening, the man in front of about 70 visitors, staging a barbecue claim & other; Some of its organs & throughout; And then eat to visitors. The man on the blog says the activity is the theme of the & other; Organ in feeding will & throughout; Describe the name of the activity is & other; Eat organs throughout the century &; , arrange their resect organ in the hospital.

according to section participated in the activities of the guests, entrance fee to booking is 4000 yen (about $51), the fare is 4500 yen, five to pay twenty thousand yen in special guests have the right to eat the food of organs, and cook up host, onto the stage of hot gas stove burning in advance.

after the event was revealed, the Chinese fir and area care after investigation, confirmed that no people ate organ in report health were killed, but this & other; A novelty & throughout; Technique has aroused concern and ask the police.

Chinese fir and the district government said publicly: & other; It is not permissible, are discussed with the police, the study take resolute action & throughout; .